Again, I fail to see the problem

I'm not sure what it is about the Limeys- or, as the Australians call them, "Pommie bastards"- but for some reason the Brits these days seem to have a serious problem with good old-fashioned advice that still applies just as well today as it did in the 1950s. For instance, some Asian bint writing for the Daily Mail thinks that the advertisements displayed below are "sexist" and "offensive"; I'll leave it up to my fellow enterprising shitlords to make up their own minds about it:

An advert for Club Soda suggests the drink is like a 'good woman' as 'it won't quit on you' 

A 1950s advert for a push up bra and padded knickers declares  'This is how I trapped my man!'

An advert from the 1940s for a cooking dish meanwhile declares that successful marriages 'start in the kitchen' 

I found this one particularly hilarious:

A bizarre advert for a Hotpoint washer and dryer meanwhile links the appliances to a wife being 'happy, pretty & pregnant'

Believe it or not, there was a time when advertisements for domestic bliss were actually sensible and made it clear that a woman was happiest and most contented as a wife, a mother, and a homemaker.

Having been raised by a woman like that- and given that my mother has been married to the same man for nearly 40 years, quite happily so, and given that my mother married literally the first and only man that she ever dated- I find it quite odd that women these days would disagree.

Then again, in the modern age, truth and sense do not seem to matter quite so much anymore, so hey, what do I know.

Honestly about the only ad that is even mildly objectionable in the set is this one:

Meanwhile, this disturbing advert for trousers features a group of men surrounding a semi-naked model 

And that is because of the current "rape culture" hysteria that is sweeping across the Western world. Once upon a time, social norms and mores existed that stopped men from taking outright advantage of women; this tended to involve fathers and brothers wielding shotguns and promising (and if necessary, delivering upon) dire threats of bodily harm to men who harmed innocent women.

These protections also involved a society that strongly discouraged loose women from being, shall we say, casual about dispensing their favours in public. Such women faced severe social pressures to keep their indiscretions out of the public eye, and that was very much to the good.

I'm not saying that sexual harassment and assault and rape did not happen back then. That would be downright stupid even to suggest. What I am saying is that the consequences for both men and women for behaviour that crossed the line was far more severe back then than it is today.

Now, however, the power dynamic has shifted almost completely to favour women. A woman can ruin a man's life simply by suggesting that he conducted himself in an "inappropriate" manner- but when a man calls out a woman for throwing her cat around (so to speak), he is immediately censured for "slut-shaming".

This is not how society was meant to function.

That is why it is useful to remind ourselves from time to time what things used to be like, in a world in which a woman was expected and required to value her femininity, and a man was supposed to act like a man- to honour the Lord, to love his woman and children, and to defend his people.

That was a society worth defending. It's too bad that, for the most part, the Boomers as a generation did such a shitty job. The wreckage of modern "society" that we see around us is the direct result of throwing away the idea that freedom is the substitution of individual self-discipline for discipline imposed by others, in favour of the heresy that "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law".


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