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A few weeks ago an article by our friend Matt Forney was published over on Return of Kings taking to task a number of women who have "seen the light" and become proud "traditionalists". The essential point that he made is that the Hard Right has got to be extremely careful about feminists disguising themselves as good old-fashioned traditionalist women in order to infiltrate, subvert, and converge a movement dedicated to defending and restoring Western civilisation.

He is, of course, correct.

The dangers of tradthots simply cannot be overestimated. The Hard Right started up as a reaction to the destruction of Western civilisation and the complete degeneration of the Sexual and Marriage Market Places that are a symptom of the cancer that is eating away at the West's most vital institutions. As a result, the Hard Right presents a highly attractive and highly viable alternative philosophy to men who are fed up of being shat on by women and society at large, because the Alt-West gives lost and struggling men a path out of their current misery.

Many such men have tried dating Western women. The experience of doing so has proven to be a real ordeal. (I've done it. I know what it's like. It's horrid.) As such, they are highly receptive to the "good, chaste, traditional woman" who comes along and says all of the right things in all of the right ways.

That is where the danger lies, and this is where tradthots come in and make their presence felt.

In the modern day and age of internet media and fame, any young woman can flounce in, claim to be a "good traditional woman", and be taken seriously. A pretty face, a nice voice, some strategically displayed cleavage, and a good outfit, combined with a proper sense of lighting, can easily make all but the most strident feminist ho look like housewife material.

It isn't even that difficult to troll the hell out of thirsty men by pretending to be an old-fashioned traditional woman. Matt Forney did precisely that a few years ago, with devastating effect.

And unfortunately, far too many men fall for their lines about wanting to return to the good old days when men were men who looked after and protected and provided for their women. Left unsaid is the fact that those women were supposed to act like women too- there is a bargain involved, a mutual exchange, that tradthots at best paper over.

In reality, far too few of the women in question walk the talk. And the moment that they get enough influence and power- which as far as I can tell is not terribly difficult for any reasonably attractive young woman- they immediately begin attempting to bend the movement that they have infiltrated to their own needs and desires.

At that point, it is too late to stop them. The SJW Convergence Cycle is already in its terminal stages.

The fact is that many- far too many- of the women coming into the traditionalist or Alt-West movement are doing so because they are doing exactly what women always do. They are riding the strong horse for their own benefit.

It does not matter where you look in human history. Every time a particular philosophy or idea has risen to prominence, it is men who have made that rise to power possible, and it is women who follow it and enthusiastically embrace it once it becomes clear that there is real force and power behind it.

We have seen exactly this phenomenon in action since nationalism and patriarchal masculinity began to make their presence felt again, starting in 2015- though in reality the core philosophies themselves had been building momentum and gathering (male) followers for years before that.

Let's take Lauren Southern's case. Now, I have nothing in particular against Ms. Southern- though apparently 4chan really does. She is young, highly attractive, well-spoken, articulate, intelligent, and obviously knows how to use her looks and status to maximum effect. Good on her. She is simply doing what young ladies her age have done since time immemorial: using the power of the Mighty V to get what they want out of life. I can hardly blame her for that.

But it is one thing to claim to want a return to conservative and traditional ways of life. It is quite another to do something about it. And in Ms. Southern's case, she seems to be in no great hurry to give up or compromise on her current lifestyle, heavily funded by Patreon and PayPal subscribers and YouTube ad revenue, for a good man and a life as a wife and mother.

Or take an up-and-coming YouTouber named Roaming Millennial. Again, quite attractive- very much so, to my eyes- and says all of the right things. And, to her great credit, willing to take unpopular stands at considerable personal risk in public:

Very cute, very well-spoken, very polished presentation. Also unmarried, childless, and either in her late twenties or early thirties.

I have seen similar patterns emerging with other women who suddenly discover that maybe feminism isn't such a brilliant idea after all. As Thermidor points out, the fact that former feminist shock-shills like Miley Cyrus and Laci Green have started to embrace their "feminine natures" and significantly toned down or even renounced their more bonkers ideas, is not a sign that our arguments are winning out. It is a sign that our movement has gained sufficient mass and numbers and power to be seen as a viable, muscular alternative to what currently exists.

Inevitably, this attracts women, because women are attracted to status and power. They always have been. They always will be.

Now, let's be fair, there ARE women out there who advocate for a return to traditional gender roles who do an outstanding job. They are intellectually sound, highly articulate, and willing to take real risks to tell truths to a world that does not want to listen.

These are women like Dr. Helen Smith- married, Christian, has written consistently on the theme of the parlous state of Western civilisation for over ten years.

Or Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers- married (widowed, actually), Jewish, with two sons. She might call herself a feminist, but if so, she is one of the most ardent defenders of Western values that I've ever seen.

Or Faith Goldy- married, Christian, fired from The Rebel Media for supposedly giving the white supremacist movement publicity and airtime, and plainly willing to take risks for her beliefs.

Even YouTube has several good examples of women who actually are traditionalists. NollaGirl504, whose work I have referenced before, has been married for over ten years and has two children. (I'm sorry to say that she recently suffered a miscarriage; my prayers are with her and her family and I sincerely hope she will know happiness again soon.)

And then there is Blonde, who is engaged to a Marine (or so I'm told- and she could be married already).

The difference between these women and the average "born-again traditional virgin" is that the actions of the former can be weighed and measured to see if they actually believe what they say. The latter's cannot.

As always, the Gipper's sage advice applies just as much to tradthots as it does to anyone and anything else: "Trust, But Verify".

The trouble is that it is very difficult to tell a tradthot from the real thing. The only way to do it is to look at a woman's past behaviour and extrapolate from that. A woman who rode the cock carousel through her twenties and suddenly "discovers" her traditional side after hitting thirty is simply hamstering her way out of trouble.

A woman who takes real risks, whether personal, professional, or monetary, in order to get her point across, though, is likely the real thing.

In the end, it is women's actions that count, never their words. So it is with tradthots, and so it will always be.


  1. And, then, there are those of us who thoughtlessly parroted the Feminist Line for many years, even while living the trad life.
    I'm like many - men and women - who wised up after 9/11.
    Once I started questioning one Leftist Underpinning, I began questioning more. Eventually, I came to understand the extent to which I'd been had.

    I now blog at and
    and am working on revisions for my first book, as well as planning my next two.
    I can do this because: my husband is still working (not unwillingly, he really doesn't know what to do with himself without a job), and I have retirement money.
    For the first time in years, I have time to do the many things necessary to keep a house going.
    Life is good.

    I do, however, have friends who fell for the feminist hype, as, as a result:
    - stayed single,
    - divorced, and/or
    - slept around

    They don't have children, or, at most, one. The emptiness of their lives is haunting. They have lost all of the connections that you acquire with in-laws, multiple children and their spouses, grandchildren. Most have no grandchildren, as their daughters have done what Mom did, and delayed until it wasn't an option.

    Life as a single old lady is NOT a good one. Especially if not rich.


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