Social Justice: Not even once

Excuse me while I laugh my ass off at this wonderful bit of news:

Cracked has given the pink slip to most of its main contributors and senior editorial staff after a tumultuous run following its embrace of social justice politics.

If you grew up on the Internet, then there’s a pretty good chance you stumbled upon a Cracked listicle or two detailing something like the “insane fan theories about movies that make great movies better,” or “creepy urban legends that turned out to be true.”

It made for immersive reading and you came off feeling richer for the experience.

But as with all good things, the Cracked as everyone knew it came to an end when its editors found the warm embrace of progressive politics. The site’s full conversion into a platform for social justice happened at the height of GamerGate in 2014. It has since published at least a dozen articles on the topic, mostly to demonize gamers as “social outcasts” and push feminism as a solution to the problem of “toxic masculinity.”

GamerGate, a consumer-driven movement for ethics in games journalism, became a bogeyman for progressives, largely in part due to articles like those on Cracked.

There was a time when I repeatedly visited and browsed's large base of very funny articles, written about a huge range of subject matter. I particularly enjoyed and appreciated Seanbaby's posts about MMA, which were a major factor in getting me interested in the sport in the first place. That was back around the 2007-2012 period, when Cracked was full of well-written and highly irreverent articles on any number of subjects- and plenty of funny pictures and GIFs designed to turn the sacred cows of pop culture into cheeseburgers.

Hell, I ended up using several such pictures myself for some of my articles, back in the day.

But as the years went by and the every-intrusive Left reached its foul tentacles further and deeper into Western culture, it became clear that the tone of articles at Cracked had shifted significantly.

Eventually, even before I understood what a "social justice warrior" is, even before I discovered the "alt-right" and the merry band of shitlords that has done so much good work to retake our culture, I could see that there was something deeply rotten within the philosophy that now drove the Cracked team.

When GamerGate broke, it became perfectly clear as to exactly where Cracked's loyalties lined up. They took the side of the thought police and the totalitarians who wanted all of us gamers to stop having any kind of wrongfun, who wanted to tell us exactly what we could and could not do in our video games, and who sought to control both the medium and its consumers.

We told them precisely what to do with themselves. It appears that they inadvertently ended up following our advice and did, in fact, go f*** themselves. Of course, we meant it (mostly) in the figurative sense; as usual, being the idiots that they are, they ended up taking the advice a bit... literally.

There is a word in German for taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others. It is known as schadenfreude, and it is normally not a good thing for a man to indulge in; as far as I can tell, the Lord appears to have a rather grim and dark sense of humour when it comes to men who are pleased at the sufferings of other good and decent men.

However- and this is key- that only applies to men who are morally upright. When it comes to SJWs, on the other hand... His Hugeness doesn't seem to mind at all when the rest of us dish out a few well-deserved lumps.

The lesson for organisations and companies that allow the cancer of social justice ideology to take hold has been driven home repeatedly through clear and painful examples just like this one. It will take more time for it to be destroyed completely, and immunising any organisation from this particularly virulent disease requires constant vigilance and effort. But it must be done nonetheless, because if it is not, that cancer metastasises and eventually destroys the host as all of an organisation's functions and procedures become converged to serve the Gospel of Social Justice.

The fact remains that perfect equality, like perfect freedom and perfect justice, is impossible. In fact, as Martin Van Creveld pointed out in his seminal work on the subject, equality is one part of the three pillars that form the foundation of civilisation, right along with freedom and justice; go too far in any one direction and the other two become impossibly compromised.

The reality of Western civilisation is that it is a constantly-evolving, constantly-shifting attempt to find a balancing point between these three pillars. The high points of our civilisation have come when that balance has been close to perfect; the low points of it- and we seem to be hitting ever-lower points every single day now- have come when we push too far in any one direction.

For now, one of the poster children of social justice convergence now appears to be dying from its own self-inflicted infection. (They should have realised a long time ago that, unlike Edward Jenner using cowpox to immunise people against smallpox, ingesting small quantities of social justice does not immunise against a single damn thing- and actually ultimately ends up killing you.)

But tomorrow, and the day after, and every day after that for the rest of our lives, the war for civilisation carries on.

We of the Hard Right need to be careful to do what the proprietors of did not, and learn the lessons of the past. We must avoid winning battles only to lose the war, as we have historically done.


  1. I'll be a little happier when they convert to an ANTI-Social Justice emporium. If they live that long.


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