Friday T&A: Greatest Hits of 2017 Edition

Sexy girls in American flag bikinis. (32)

My brothers, the year is drawing to a close- we only have another three days left to 2017, including this one. And what a year it has been! We few, we happy, we band of shitlords, have staged successful counterattacks in the war for Western culture on multiple fronts. #GamerGate was just the beginning of a broad-based cultural backlash, which carried on into the election of the God-Emperor and all the good that he has done since entering office.

The fake news media are terrified of us. The SJWs running Wikipedia laughed when Infogalactic was first launched- but they are not laughing anymore. Our enemies tried to isolate and destroy Darth Fabulous earlier this year; nine months later, the bitch was back and bigger than ever. Twitter continues to drown under the accumulated weight of its own stupidity.

On the SF/F front, Castalia House has done a phenomenal job of publishing great books- including works written by one or two people who read this blog. The SJWs in the publishing world are reeling from the extraordinary and unexpected success of Alt-Hero and the brutal, even sickening way in which their dirtiest secrets were exposed to the world by Moira Greyland's stomach-churning memoir, The Last Closet.

Our enemies are battered, bloodied, demoralised, and in some cases even broken outright. We have hit them on multiple fronts and we will continue to do so well into 2018, as we seek to employ The Art of the Argument and all of the rhetorical powers at our disposal to win back Western civilisation.

The coming year gives us opportunities to make dramatic statements that trigger our enemies like never before. As our friend Ivan Throne says so well, it is time to leap into the fray with savage purpose.

And what better way to work up the motivation for this long war than by reminding ourselves why we fight it?

To that end, I have gone through my extensive archive of images of beautiful women for 2017, gleaned lovingly from corners far and wide, and present to you here the best of the best.

I decided to test the theory that one can, in fact, have too much of a good thing by picking one photo from each week of 2017 that I liked the best. I like to counter that idea with my own personal motto: "OVERKILL IS UNDERRATED".

(In case you're wondering, putting all of this together was really hard work. You have no idea how much quality I had to sort through. It was also RIDICULOUSLY good fun.)

Happy Friday, my fellow beloved deplorable brothers (and sisters- the few of you that are out there reading this). Crack open a beer- or if, like me, you recently acquired a taste for really good port, a glass of the good stuff- and raise your horns to victory in 2018.

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Sexy hot redheads. (20)

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Boobs and Cleavage (28)

Sexy Selfie Mirror Pics. (30)

Happy Birthday Sophia Loren Picture | Steamy and Sultry, Sophia Loren ...

The model has long been a believer in women's rights to express their bodies and began her own campaign 'free the cleavage'

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Curvy Girls ROCK! (15)

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Hottest pictures of girls wearing Dirndls. (36)

Hot girls fishing. (20)

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Sexy Curvy Girls. (22)

Boobs and Cleavage. Fill My Cup. (10)

sexiest Snapchat accounts follow

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And now, for the very last one of the year, different from all of the other pictures above:

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Yeah, I know, she's Russian. What can I say, I have a type...


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