Friday T&A: Customer Satisfaction Edition

A couple of weeks ago I posted up some pictures of a woman who goes by the decidedly unimpressive name of "Edna", yet has some exceptionally impressive... assets.

This superb example of selfless public service was met with a rather indifferent sniff by the Grand Strategikon and Excruciator Majoris of the Evil Legion of Evil, who had this to say:

Personal opinion; Colombian girls are the most beautiful, on average, in the world. These are sort of ho hum chicas. Look and you can find better.

Now, for me personally, it is a point of pride to go forth and find hot chicks for us red-blooded manly shitlords to admire every week. So when a loyal customer says that he is not impressed by my work, this is clearly a problem that I must do everything within my power to fix.

So, after much arduous fun- er, I mean, searching- I present you this week with pictures of various Colombian women, in various... um... modes of clothing, to get your Friday kicked off right.

Hopefully that keeps LTC Kratman happy. After all, he has this rather nasty habit of crucifying those that he does not like.

(Yes, I know I've posted more than the usual 7 pictures below. No, it is not because I have forgotten how to count. I figured that, between the snow, the cold, the impending arrival of Christmas, and the fact that today's post is all about the customer, nobody would complain.)

As for the rest of you- enjoy your Friday and weekend, stay out of the snow, and crack open a bottle of fine spirits (my preferences run to single-malt Scotch of the Speyside sort, preferably Macallan 12 or older- y'all should see the collection in my bar at home, actually).

Raise your glasses to the joys and responsibilities of being men, for we are the keepers of sanity, order, and civilisation in a world clearly gone mad.


  1. My compliments to the Creator, for such fine work. Bravo.

    1. Hey! I know He does good work and all that, but I'M the one who went and found them!!! ))

    2. Not counting the group shot, you went 3/10 (1, 5, 9) by my score card. Good for baseball, not so good for chick pic posting. Hell, 3 is FAT, and 7 just looks like a $10 whore.

    3. I suppose that just goes to show that you can't please all of the people all of the time...

    4. Eh, I like em a bit chunky.

      But, yeah, thanks to the Creator AND to Didact. You know, for the pics and such.

  2. As it pertains to Columbian women, my first lover was half-Columbian/half-Iranian.

  3. Didact, I know you claim you're not a Christian. But you have more respect and love for the Father than most of the men I attend church with every week.

    Keep on keepin' on.

    1. Yes, it's just about time for him to convert.
      Fortunately, God is quite patient with us.

    2. And, yes, as I was sure you could, you have found better.


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