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Former pick-up artist- well, I assume he's a former PUA now that he's married- Richard La Ruina recently appeared on Piers Morgan's morning show in the UK and said a few things about British women that caused quite a bit of ass-pain for both the hosts and the audience:

I referenced this specific video in a related post about a week ago in a tangential comment about how British women are such horrid dating and marriage prospects. The video itself is very illuminating in a number of ways and I thought it deserved a follow-up in its own right and contains a number of important lessons for young men.

The first of these is that, sooner or later, even the most hedonistic playboy tires of wanton pursuits of the flesh. This is a pattern that has repeated itself many times, whether we are talking about men who willingly move away from the PUA lifestyle and into the challenges of monogamy (like "Gambler" there and of course Roosh), or men like Blackdragon who embrace what BD calls an "Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle" of non-monogamy.

Given that many of my readers are monogamously married, you and I might find the idea of non-monogamy more than a little weird. (At least, I sure as hell do.) Yet the argument can be made, and with considerable evidence behind it, that it is monogamy that is in fact highly unnatural and unusual in the history of our species.

Nonetheless, there does come a point in just about every man's life when he gets tired of playing games and acting the clown. That point comes earlier for some men than others. Some men reach that point in their early- to mid-twenties; others happily remain free easygoing bachelors well into their forties.

In the case of extreme introverts, who love nothing better than time spent at home and cannot stand loud crowded environments, and especially those (like me) who live by Benjamin Franklin's old maxim of "early to bed, early to rise", etc., this point tends to arrive by about our late twenties, if not earlier. We simply do not have the time, patience, energy, or ability to deal with the relentless grind of going out to clubs and bars at night to chase women.

That leads us to the second lesson, which Mr. La Ruina makes clear within his own writing on the subject: the older that a man gets, the less willing he is to spend his increasingly precious time, resources, and energy on women who just are not worth it.

This is also unsurprising. The older that a man gets, the more wealth and experience and resources he accumulates, and the less willing he is to trade his resources for the company of women whose value does not at least match what he can provide.

And this gives us our third valuable lesson: the more "red-pilled" a man is, the more rational he is in assessing the value of any woman upon whom he spends his resources.

In that respect, the "red pill" is literally saving souls. The process of "unplugging from the Matrix", as Rollo and others call it, allows us to see the truth more accurately than we ever could before. As the scales fall away from our eyes, as the lies that have built and sustained this historical perversion that we call "modernity" are systematically shattered and the truth emerges in all of its horror and glory, it becomes very clear which kinds of women meet our standards, and which ones do not.

The problem with this process of "unplugging" is that the truth is often extremely painful and unpleasant to confront. That is why both men and women choose, for the most part, to stay blind.

Such is the case with Piers Morgan above.

The reaction that you see in that video is the outrage of a blue-pilled white knight who combines insufferable arrogance with a blissful lack of awareness of basic truths, when confronted by the calm and quiet manner of a man who has been humbled by his long and painful path to the truth.

The fact is that Richard La Ruina is right, and Piers Morgan is wrong. Every indicator available to us today tells us that Western women in general, and British, American, and Australian women in particular are becoming less feminine, less womanly, less pleasant, and just plain less interesting to be around every single day.

We see this reflected in the increasing trend of men simply "checking out" of the Sexual and Marriage Market Places.

We see it in the fact that Western women are now, belatedly, waking up and realising that the majority of men simply do not want anything to do with them anymore, in any capacity, whether at work or anywhere else, thanks to the #MeToo movement that is now ensnaring and destroying men through unsubstantiated accusations and gossip.

And we see it in the way that sickly way that men like Piers Morgan sycophantically attempt to ingratiate themselves with once-gorgeous women who have clearly hit the dreaded Wall, pretty damned hard:

Upon hearing Carla - who is French-Italian - utter the word 'sauce', Piers begged her to repeat it before gleefully applauding her 'sexy' accent.

'I have never heard anyone sound more sexier saying sauce... in my lifetime.'

Just for reference- Carla Bruni back in her heyday:

Carla Bruni by Gilles Bensimon, 1991 | remember it ...

Carla Bruni today:
Former model and musician Carla Bruni waded in on the controversy surrounding the raunchy video for LOVE Magazine's Advent


Yet the fact is that Piers Morgan is nothing more than an angry and jealous cuck for lashing out at a man who knows what he wants and has put in the very hard work necessary to go and get it.

It remains to be seen whether Richard La Ruina can hold on to what he has built. As I pointed out in my earlier post about PUAs who go monogamous, it is EXTREMELY difficult for such men to adapt the personas and techniques that made them good at finding and sleeping with women to the needs and realities of a successful committed monogamous relationship in which, as our friend the Gentleman Adventurer put it, both parties spend time reacting to, and adapting to, each other.

Even so, he was absolutely right to go out and try to find a good woman that met his very high personal standards. He was absolutely right to make whatever changes he needed to his personality, his lifestyle, his expectations, and his resources in order to secure the future that he wanted. He was absolutely right to take a (huge) risk and marry a woman that met those requirements in her own home environment and attempt to build a family with her.

And he was certainly absolutely right to appear on the show of an eight-buck cuck and calmly, quietly, rationally, and remorselessly castigate British women for not holding themselves up to a higher standard.


  1. I disagree with the video author's conclusion. Checking out is never the answer, and the man in the video absolutely did NOT go 'MGTOW' like a big, steaming pile of failure.

    1. Yes. The way of MGTOW is ultimately a philosophy of outright surrender.

      I entirely understand why men decide to go MGTOW and refuse to have anything to do with women beyond simple carnal pleasures. But that simply means retreating from the war for Western civilisation outright. And wars are not won by abandoning the battlefield in the face of determined and frankly insane opposition.


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