Comedy gold

As if it were not obvious by now, we live in a very messed-up world. Sometimes it is worth reminding ourselves just how messed up it really is:

Point and laugh, boys.

There is so much to amuse oneself in there that it is difficult to know where to start.

So let's start with the obvious one: a 21-year-old man went and married a 38-year-old woman.

(Well, maybe not quite that extreme, but not too far off either.)

Now, unlike most of the Manosphere, I am not that dead-set against younger men dating older women. I've been on dates with one or two women who are a few years older than me, and I enjoyed them- the ladies in question were feminine, pretty, kind-hearted, and pleasant to be around. It is possible to find women in their mid-thirties who make good wives and mothers- but this is extremely rare these days.

Nonetheless, all of the looks and winning personality traits in the world cannot change the fact that a woman in her mid-thirties- never mind her late thirties- has used up most of the currency that she was born with.

Given any kind of realistic choice in the matter, most men will always prefer women who are YHT- younger, hotter, tighter. It is not fair to older women, but then, life was never meant to be fair; this is simply the nature of the world we live in.

After all, men have understood for centuries that women generally prefer older and wealthier men, and (for the most part) we don't complain about it. It's just a fact of life.

As I and others have said many times before, women start out in life rich and grow poor fast after their mid-twenties, while men start out poor and grow rich over time.

A man who gets married at 21 to a woman in her late thirties is committing the relationship equivalent of paying a new-car price on an old beaten-up junker with 180K miles on the odometre.

As if that wasn't tragically funny enough, the rest of the clip shows just how dysfunctional American and in particular black society has become, to the point where a 38-year-old woman thinks that she deserves special treatment in court because vagina.

I have to admit, I am impressed by the judge in that clip- which, given that I strongly distrust government authority, is not something which I would normally write- for her willingness to squash such idiocy outright.

Gentlemen- especially black guys out there- don't make the mistake that the young fool in the video up there did. You have time. In this day and age, wait until you are at least thirty before committing yourself to matrimony, once you start thinking with your big head instead of your little one, and once have made a clear and sober assessment of the risks involved, the woman in question, and the contingencies required in case it all goes horribly wrong.

If you do not heed that advice, you might just find yourself one day on public television, being laughed at by strangers intent on using you to make a point about human nature.


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