Best. Idea. Ever.

Ladies and Gentlemen Shitlords and Gun-Bunnies:

Even in today's terribly divided political climate, I think we who are of the West can agree on a few basic things:
  • Driving while drinking alcohol is BAD for you and everyone else;
  • However, driving while drinking coffee should be perfectly legal;
  • That said, Starbucks makes unbearably shitty and very overpriced coffee;
  • Despite this, Starbucks does have some very comfortable couches and chairs

I am sure that you all agree with me about this. Especially when it comes to the virtue-signalling pissants that run Starbucks and make some of the most overrated coffee this side of Seattle.

That being said- what do you suppose happens when you let the maniacs behind THE GRAND TOUR loose on the idea of combining cars and coffee?

Well... THIS:

Call me crazy- OK, I actually am a bit nuts, but you knew that already- but I think this is is ingenious.

Honestly, the only way that this idea can get any better is by adding, like, bumpers and low-power lasers and cool stuff like that. Can you IMAGINE how much fun it would be to go to a coffee shop like that?

I wouldn't even mind paying $6 for a latte if my inner 8-year-old could sit on a couch and play Dodge-Em Cars in a coffee shop.


  1. So, real life superMario Kart then...with coffee.

  2. Not apropos of this, but Google around a bit; I'm baaaack.


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