The original triggering

Back before Tim Allen did his brilliant- and all too short-lived- turn as the educated, likable conservative Mike Baxter in the sorely missed sitcom Last Man Standing, and triggered the shit out of liberaltards everywhere by telling it like it is, there was a great old show called All in the Family.

It starred a young Rob Reiner as Mike "Meathead" Stivic, the young, progressive, liberal, hip-to-the-jive leftist who serves as a sharp contrast to Archie Bunker's supposedly antediluvian way of looking at the world. The show's producer, Norman Lear, originally intended for Meathead to be the sympathetic character that the audience would relate to- and he intended Archie Bunker to be the redneck loudmouthed idiot that the audience would instinctively loathe.

As we all know, now, he got it completely and totally wrong.

In reality, the American heartland quietly loved the Archie Bunker character because he reflected them. He spoke for the "Great Silent Majority" that believed in America's founding values of hard work, the dignity of the common man, limited government, peace through strength, and personal responsibility.

Meathead represented everything that the average American truly hates: whiny neediness, dependence upon others, and worst of all, a sort of effete limp-wristed weakness that can only be described to the modern eye as "quintessentially French".

(There was a time when calling the French "weak" was beyond idiotic- this was back before WWII, when France was still a Great Power and was, in fact, considerably stronger and more technologically advanced than just about any European power. If you look at the Frogs these days, though... Well, I imagine that Napoleon is spinning so fast in his grave that his corpse has created its own microgravity.)

Looking at these clips of the two antagonists in action, it's not difficult to see just why it is that Meathead was so easy to mock- he got triggered so easily:

For us happy warriors of the Alt-West, shows like All in the Family- and the sorely missed and prematurely cancelled Last Man Standing- demonstrate the most effective and simple way to dishearten and demoralise the opposition:

Tell it like it is.

That's all it takes. Just tell it like you see it.

You see, the Left cannot stand the relentless pressure of Truth. In order to acknowledge what is true, what is real, and what is right there before your eyes, you have to be willing to humble yourself and admit that you do not, in fact, have all of the answers. You have to be willing to make allowances that you might perhaps be wrong.

You have to be willing to give up comfortable and simple certainties and accept that the world is a very mean, very nasty place that does not owe you a single damned thing.

There are direct consequences for accepting this way of looking at the world. For one thing, you will quickly realise the value of hard work, of personal responsibility, and- for men, at least- the need for continuous self-improvement. You will stumble and fall and fail, repeatedly, but these failures will not dishearten you or inordinately frustrate you because you know that the embrace of simple truths holds great rewards.

Leftists, on the other hand, do not accept truth for what it is.

They believe that the world should work the way that they want it to work. But because the world has a very nasty habit of strongly resisting our very stupid attempts to impose our own reality upon it, they have to spin ever greater illusions to support their artificial constructs.

Eventually, those constructs cannot be maintained any longer, and when they collapse, the pain and suffering inflicted, especially upon the most innocent, is truly appalling.

The simple fact is that there are no free lunches. There are only two sexes. It is not possible to keep an economy growing endlessly upwards on an ever-growing mountain of debt. Disarming people does not reduce violent crime. The red Indians were no more "noble savages" than you and I are. Women are not innocent angels, and men are not automatically monsters just because we were born male. All races are not equal in outcome, ideology, or creed, and all nations are not merely artificial constructs created by bigots and madmen.

And Donald Trump is still President of the United States of America, and the hand of the Almighty still rules over us all.

Oh, and golf is still effing retarded, and rap "music", isn't.

See how much better life is when we all just embrace what is true? Especially since it triggers the ever-lovin' shit out of our liberaltard friends when we tell it like it is?


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