Never go full social justice

I don't watch Family Guy, at all. I find some of the clips from the show to be pretty amusing, but I never did much like Seth Macfarlane's very snarky sense of humour. I didn't realise it at the time- I must have first seen clips from the show something like ten years ago- but the reason why I didn't like his sense of humour was because it turns out that Seth Macfarlane is a classic Gamma.

Nonetheless, this article from our friends over at Age of Shitlords (what a brilliant name) caught my eye and pointed me toward a really quite brilliant parody clip from the show that replicates the jaw-droppingly brilliant church fight scene from Kingsman as Peter and Meg respond to a few social justice asshats refusing to let them make jokes:

As I may have mentioned (far too) many times, I love the original Kingsman film. It is one of my favourite movies ever, right up there with Hot Fuzz and 300. (As usual, gentlemen, comments about the Didact's appalling taste in movies may be entered into the comments section below- have at it.) And it too was a brilliant politically incorrect swipe at one of the stupidest prevailing Leftist orthodoxies- in that specific case, it was about Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The reason why I find this clip from Family Guy to be of interest is because it is a clear and conclusive signal to me that the tide has turned.

The SJWs no longer have a hammerlock on public opinion. As the Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) pointed out in his latest warfighting manual, the SJWs reached the peak of their power and influence back in 2015- right when Kingsman was released, in fact. At that point in time, they had nearly absolute control over public opinion and it seemed as though no dissent would ever be allowed again on TV or in film.

And in many ways, if we look at the utterly degenerate state of film and television today, it seems as though little has changed.

Yet it is very clear to me that something has changed.

There was a time when a scene like that in a show like Family Guy would never have aired. If you watch carefully, you will see that a black woman, a black man, and an Asian man all get REKT in that clip.

I mean, yes, there weren't any gays or trannies or Muslims or furries getting offed, but, y'know, one little victory at a time, eh?

Brothers, we are going to win this war for the culture. And we are going to win it handily. Don't let despair at the current state of things get you down. Yes, things look bleak today, no question, and yes, any one of us can be forgiven for despairing at the current state of things.

It could even be argued that ours will be a Pyrrhic victory. After all, the war for the culture may well be won but Western civilisation will almost certainly still collapse- as I like to say, the mathematics are determinate.

What matters now is what comes after the collapse. And, as in Kingsman, as long as a few good and strong and decent men are there to do what we know in our hearts is right, with the power of the Almighty above us and within us, then the evil insanity of social justice will not win out, and we will leave a better world for our descendants.

With that in mind, let us remind ourselves just how brilliant that film really is:

(On a side note- how many shitlords do you know who can successfully work a great RUSH song into a post about destroying SJWs? You're welcome.)


  1. Never go Full Geddy Lee ... er ... uh, umm.


    Full Geddy Lee, and Damn the Torpedoes!

    Happy T-Day!

  2. Seth's newest offering, "The Orville", seriously makes me want to strangle him with his own intestines.

    Not only is there basically NO humor (all the funny stuff was in the pilot, the only humor left is the protagonist's best friend who is like that freak of a best friend in 'Goon') and an attempted retelling of ST-TOS, but every single episode has become moralistic preaching of far-left Atheistic mores. From justified mandatory sex-change operations,, to the obligatory 'christian style religions are the hallmark of an evil empire', to forgiveness of drugged homosexual rape because 'it's natural to his species and culture'.

    Of course, if his goal was to make his audience throw up in their mouths a little at the well-displayed end-results of leftist thought processes, he has succeeded brilliantly. But the lack of any sort of introspection in his show really drives home that fact that he loves the 'Utopian' vision of a far-left future and any criticism or mocking he does of Star Trek's insanity is clearly just a light-hearted ribbing.

    The Show will probably last longer than TNG.


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