Friday T&A: Lord, let us be thankful Edition

Well, it's the Friday after Thanksgiving- how are y'all handling the food coma and the resulting indigestion?

In my case- yesterday was an interesting combination of:
  • "Bloody hell, that is a LOT of people and WAY too much noise"
  • "You mean I have to get through this ENTIRE evening without touching a single drop of alcohol because I'm driving back tonight?!?!?! FML!!!"
  • "Hey, that absurdly tall but cute French-Canadian girl is actually pretty interesting- even if she IS from Quebec"
  • "This isn't quite as bad as I thought it would be"
  • "Dear Lord, if You're going to kill me, would you mind at least sparing me this horrendous headache?"
Said headache, unfortunately, persisted well into this morning when I finally knuckled under and took some Advil to deal with what felt like a death metal band going at full screech right in the centre of my head. (Which, given that I just saw ARCH ENEMY performing live a few weeks ago, is a concept with which I am very familiar.)

It was pretty miserable. I had to deal with what felt like an epic hangover, yet I was stone-cold sober. I imagine the only thing that could be worse would be having a real live porn actress in bed- and all she wanted to do was cuddle.

As for Thanksgiving dinner itself... let's just say that while the food was great and all, I ate way too much and now am dealing with the quite unhappy consequences.

Oh well. At least this sort of thing only happens once a year. Christmas is a rather more restrained affair for me, since I go back to my actual family's house- and there I can actually drink because I don't have to drive anywhere.

Oh, and yes, before anyone asks, I did get the leggy blonde's number.

Speaking of leggy blondes- since it is the Thanksgiving season, and since of course all y'all are big fans of hot girls to help ease your digestion, here are a bunch of hot Russian athletes and Instaham personalities for you.

After all, as anyone reading this knows, we should all thank God for Russian girls.

Happy Friday, boys. I'm off to handle my non-alcoholic hangover the only way I know how- with cold steel and a squat rack. Pop open a beer (if you're capable of stomaching any more booze) and have a great weekend.

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(OK, fine, technically the first lady, Tatiana Grigorieva, was an Olympic hurdler for Australia. I remember her quite fondly. I watched her on live TV during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney- she was known then as "Tatiana the Great" because of her looks and her excellent Maxim photo shoot, but I don't think she won anything much. That doesn't change the fact that she was born and raised in Leningrad- or, as it is more properly known today, St. Petersburg. And if you check your atlas, that is a city in Russia.) 


  1. Truth is beauty is in notable decline. Take a look at the models of the 50's through to the 70s and even into the early 90s to compare.

    Beauty is dying.

    1. Models don't actually indicate beauty, typically. Rather, they are women who a) appeal to the aesthetic senses of the (either very often or even usually) gays running fashion shows and designing women's clothing and/or b) have not so much pretty faces, themselves, but faces that are excellent blank canvasses for make up artists. Indeed, often their faces, make up free, are not pretty at all.

    2. Correct on both counts. The fashion industry is dominated by sodomites, and the models that they use tend to conform to a very specific look these days. And as #TheHaggening taught us, in quite hilarious fashion, it turns out that most models these days do in fact look pretty terrible without makeup.


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