Thunder down under

The queen of England- who we know as Milo Yiannopoulos, the most fabulous supervillian on the Internet- will very shortly be taking his Dangerous tour down to Australia, and my word, does he have the feminists in a tizzy:

There is a lot to dislike about the Fabulous One, to be sure- starting with his gayer-than-springtime lifestyle choices. If you find sodomites as degenerate and obnoxious as I do, then you are unlikely to have much sympathy for the fact that the man is regularly attacked for things he didn't say as often as he is for the things that he did.

Add to that the fact that he "married" his black boyfriend recently, and it is easy to see why traditionalists and Western civilisationalists like me, and many of my readers, find his way of doing things to be distasteful. (Which is putting it quite mildly.)

And you know what?

It just doesn't matter.

The fact is that Milo is a force of nature. His ability to eviscerate the Left in debate has to be seen to be believed- and his skill at simply tearing apart feminists in debate is an inspiration to us all.

I, for one, am damned glad that he is fighting in the trenches of the culture war on our side.

Best of luck to him with his tour down in the land where everything wants to kill you and slurp down your eyeballs, and where you cannot walk into shallow ponds without having freshwater crocodiles leap out to eat your legs for breakfast.

(I am not joking about just how dangerous Australia is, by the way. Because it split off from all of the other continents and evolved mostly in isolation due to the Wallace Line, the pressures and competitions involved resulted in extraordinarily well-developed apex predators. And their prey ain't no slouches either. Humans just don't stand a chance out there; that's the real reason why you see so many bloody Australians clogging up the beaches in Bali and the rest of Southeast Asia, so that they can get away from the pants-shittingly terrifying flora and fauna that inhabit their native land.)

The REEEEEEEs from triggered feminists and land whales shall be heard even from all the way over there. The sea levels shall rise a centimetre or two (that's PROPER units to you bloody Americans) due to the floods of liberaltard tears. Sales of aloe vera lotion will soar through the roof due to the epic amounts of butthurt rendered unto the vile, useless, and thoroughly pozzed Aussie media.

And we shall hear their screams and wails of despair, and smile in contentment.

For it is, indeed, good to be a shitlord.


  1. "Gayer-than-springtime"

    I' m stealing that.

  2. I'm not a Milo fan. I can appreciate what he does, and he does have a quick wit, but he is the ultimate example of seeking out low hanging fruit, (ba-dum chick!).

    I have never seen him debate anyone with serious intellect, and if he did then I know how it would go - Milo would be serious when it suited him and then playfully disengaging whenever he got in a sticky corner. It's fine for college students but otherwise, meh.

    This video is being promoted around the web as Milo "destroying" this feminist. Pretty low key destruction if you ask me; like knocking over a kid's fort in the living room.

    1. It is true that Milo is essentially the Right's version of Jon Stewart- he often goes to the "if you can take a dick you can take a joke" line when he gets cornered.

      Think of him this way, though: he is a weapon with a specific purpose and a specific target.

      Yes, he is superb at destroying midwit feminists and not perhaps all that great anywhere else. But given that most feminists are at best midwits to begin with, his skills are put to excellent use by making them look ten different kinds of stupid.

      And that is very much to the good, because we NEED a weapon capable of humiliating them in public; after all, even though they are midwits and rather obnoxious ones to boot, they control the gaystream media and the Narrative.

      We have the weapons that we need for the more serious challenges- Stefan Molyneux, Jordan B. Peterson, and Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day (PBUH).

      We can think of those men as heavy-duty field artillery- designed to smash an enemy flat. Milo might only be a machine gun, designed to deal with line infantry, but he's a damned effective one.


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