The thin line

There are very, very few "summer blockbuster" movies out there which go beyond the cheap theatrics dictated by their intended purpose, and go on to become brilliant works of social and political commentary in their own right. It is to Christopher Nolan's immense credit, then, that he has managed to pull off such a feat not once, not twice, but three times on the trot.

His Batman Trilogy is worth watching repeatedly because it stands the test of time as a film series that goes way beyond the usual silly superhero theatrics. Long after history has consigned most of the junk produced by DC Comics and Marvel to the trash heap, people will still watch those movies and see them for the magnificent works of art that they truly are.

Never mind the plot holes, never mind some of the silly dialogue, never mind the mind-boggling gadgets; each of these movies has a powerful and profound message about human nature, about the struggles of individual men in the face of chaos, and about the terrible price exacted in the eternal war between good and evil.

Every one of the three films is a case study in how to structure a great story. Each one unfolds in three acts, clearly marked with brilliant action set-pieces, and each one has a powerful and profound message about human nature that is easily revealed to those who are willing to see it.

In the case of the final film, The Dark Knight Rises, one of the most important themes in the film is the extraordinary frailty of civilisation and the ease with which everything that we take for granted can crumble instantly into savagery.

Another key theme in that film is the terrible price that a few strong, honourable, and fundamentally decent men must sometimes pay in order for their culture and civilisation to survive.

These are the lessons that a supposedly simple-minded "summer blockbuster" has to teach us- about the true cost of this priceless gift of freedom, about the incredible things that one man can achieve through bloody-minded discipline and unbreakable will, and most of all, about the sheer depths of savagery that lurk right beneath the surface of our apparently "civilised" world.

As I watched it yet again over the past weekend, the parallels between our modern world and the world seen in The Dark Knight Rises could not be more clear.

That world, like ours, is beset on all sides by extremely dangerous enemies that would see us all destroyed. In our world, those enemies come in many deadly and virulent forms. The worst of these are Islam and the Gospel of Social Justice; both deceive us with sweet lies about the freedoms that could be ours if only we believe in what their preachers peddle, and both of which inevitably result in the total destruction of everything we love.

That world, like ours, is one in which the savagery of Man's basic nature is covered up by a thick layer of civilising fictions. Tear away those fictions, and both sides of Man's inner beast are unchained. Both our endless capacity for appallingly brutal violence against each other, and our equally endless capacity for nobility and decency in the face of chaos, are immediately revealed.

That world, like ours, is populated by a few good and honest men willing to sacrifice all in order that the world that they love and believe in may survive. In our world, we call them "soldiers" and "policemen" and "firefighters" when they carry badges and weapons and hoses- but, really, we might as well say the same about the ever-dwindling number of men willing and able to become strong fathers and patriarchs.

And that world, just like ours, stands on the brink of anarchy and chaos. It only takes a small cataclysm, an unexpected break from the usual order of things that is expected in a civilisation, to push us from the technological sophistication and magnificence of our world and into a new Dark Age.

For me, though, the most important lesson concerns what can be accomplished by one man with the means, the opportunity, and- most importantly- the iron will to stand up and refuse to be beaten down by the forces arrayed against him.

We see a few of these men in the public sphere today. They are flawed and Fallen, and in some cases they were broken by their enemies and left in ruins- but they fought their way back, remade themselves, and refused to back down from the fights that they knew had to be won.

Men like President Donald Trump, who is unquestionably a deeply flawed man with a highly suspect ideological compass- yet who has done more to salvage American civilisation in the last 10 months than any so-called "conservative" had done in the entire 30 years before him.

Men like Lord Darth Bannon (PBUH), who now fights the good fight against the cuckservative establishment as the head of Breitbart News even though he is no longer the President's direct adviser.

Men like Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day (PBUH), who has caused the SJW-dominated Left such severe ass-pain over the past few weeks simply by spearheading the campaign to make comics great again and launching ALT*HERO.

(By the way, if you haven't donated yet to the FreeStartr campaign, please consider doing so. I'm proud to be a donor myself, and I cannot wait to see the upcoming first issues.)

Men like Stefan Molyneux and Jordan B. Peterson, who have given us the analytical and rhetorical tools to not only engage the Left in debate on their chosen ground of emotion rather than fact, but smash them there as well. Of course, our Supreme Dark Lord gets a lot of credit here too; his field guide to recognising the SJWs is now complemented by a war-fighting manual aimed directly at helping us take them on, and then take them down.

Men like Roosh V and Milo, whose lifestyles we may not agree with, but who have held the line against the Left and, even more importantly, taken the fight straight to them. They are our friends and allies in this war and deserve our respect and admiration, no matter what our personal views about them.

And, of course, for those of us fortunate enough to have strong father figures who have guided us and supported us, the same good and decent men who took on the glorious burden without complaint or question, who sired sons and raised them to manhood, and who, ultimately, provided the foot soldiers needed to win this longest and most difficult of wars.

The forces of the regressive Left are on the march. They have already converged many of our most important and cherished institutions- up to and including the Church. There is no low to which they will not stoop, no underhanded tactic that they will refuse to employ, no boundary of decency and good taste that they will not readily cross.

Yet, for all of that, they are already being beaten back. They are beginning to recognise that they no longer control the moral high ground. Their insistence on subjecting every last aspect of human existence into intersectional identity politics has forced the rest of us to recognise harsh realities about human nature that can no longer be papered over.

We can no longer ignore the reality that different races have very different preferences and capabilities, and therefore have very different outcomes with respect to creating and building functioning civilisations.

We can no longer gloss over the fact that men and women are fundamentally different, that it is these very differences that make each sex valuable, and that we are individually and collectively happier when these differences are embraced, not erased.

And we can no longer pretend to be passive, disinterested, remote neutral observers. War is upon us, whether we choose to acknowledge the fact or not- and we must choose a side, whether we like it or not.

This war for our culture and our civilisation will not permit us to stand idly by. The SJWs and the regressive Left have already made it quite clear that they will turn on and devour their own if any of them fail to stay within the current Narrative. No matter what absurdity they presently believe in- whether it be gay "marriage", or that men can magically become women, or that girls can and should join the Boy Scouts- if their own people do not believe in the same things, then they too will be destroyed.

Like Deputy Commissioner Peter Foley in the film, we have to understand that there is no neutral ground anymore.

The thin line between order and chaos, between civilisation and barbarism, between rational argument and incoherent nonsense, and between peace and war, relies on men who are willing to make their stands and hold their ground.

When the time comes- and it will come for us all- stand for those who believe in the old ways, and who have proven through word and deed that they will not bend or break in the face of their enemies.


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