The most interesting bounty hunter in the Galaxy

There was a time when I used to watch Cartoon Network almost religiously. I grew up watching old-school cartoons, from Tom & Jerry to Scooby Doo to, of course, Transformers and SWAT Kats. (Many happy memories...)

But eventually I grew up- partly because I had to, but mostly because after a certain point, cartoons just get a bit tedious.

That was when I encountered something called Adult Swim, a channel that aired late at night on Cartoon Network with a bunch of adult-oriented goofy nonsense masquerading as cartoons. And on that channel, I encountered a rather odd collection of nutbaggery called Robot Chicken.

The show was unquestionably crazy, but I had to give them props for how well they did the whole stop-motion animation thing. And some of their sketches were hysterically funny.

The funniest sketches, in my view, concerned STAR WARS, which the creators of the show always loved sending up:


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