Narrative collapse

I do so enjoy seeing liberaltards getting hoisted by their own petard:

Now, before we shitlords all start celebrating about the way that this whole ridiculous Reds-Under-the-Bed investigation has backfired so spectacularly upon the Left, it should be noted that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has filed charges in his investigation- and that there is a possibility that they are aimed straight at members of the God-Emperor's Administration and family.

I reckon that it is highly unlikely that anything truly incriminating will emerge from the investigation.

The last 10 months have made it VERY clear that the entire notion that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to get the God-Emperor elected is, basically, a giant nothing-burger.

Furthermore, given that the God-Emperor's actions in office have, for the most part, done little beyond annoying the Kremlin and the current Russian Tsar President Putin, the very idea that President Trump is in cahoots with the Russkies is frankly absurd.

That being said, the current animosity between the West and Russia is not only counterproductive, it is downright stupid.

I was right there in Russia a little over a week ago. As I wrote upon my return, I found in Russia a strong and powerful patriarchal culture that, for all of its many problems- and make no mistake, Russia's problems are legion- still stands for many of the things that the West has abandoned.

In Russia there is still a strong emphasis on family, faith, and tradition- this, despite the fact that the divorce rate in that country is reputed to be the highest in the entire world, and in spite of a culture that took an absolute beating from the depravities of Communism. There is still a strong belief that men and women have important set roles- men as breadwinners, and women as homemakers. There is still an emphasis on working to live, not living to work.

And, perhaps most importantly from the perspective of any man who has to deal with the utter catastrophe that is the Western sexual market place, Russian women, and for the most part Slavic women in general, still understand how to be women.

(This trait is not unique to Slavic women, by the way. Beautiful, feminine women exist in South America, Southeast Asia, and even within the Bible Belt of the United States of America. Femininity is a function of culture. If the dominant culture does not reward and reinforce femininity, then it ceases to exist.)

Simply put, there is a lot that the West could learn from Russia, and a lot that could be gained from good, or at least cordial, relations with them.

The Russians form the eastern flank of Christianity's defence against Islam- which has already penetrated deep into Europe's vitals and is now quite happily invested in destroying what is left of European culture and civilisation, with the active help of the Europeans themselves.

America used to be the Western anchor of that same Christian civilisation, but this country has long since sold its soul to listen to the false Gospel of Social Justice. The result is a culture that grows ever more stupid, venal, vindictive, and downright disgusting by the day.

And the inevitable by-product of such a degraded culture is that a fairly substantial chunk of the country is now willing to believe, in the face of an enormous amount of evidence to the contrary, that the lawfully-elected President was somehow put there as a puppet of the very same culture and nation that would benefit the most from an Administration that would pursue policies diametrically opposed to the ones that the God-Emperor has implemented with respect to Russia.

In other words, they believe that X is Not-X, and believe it so passionately and so single-mindedly that any attempt to explain this basic logical fallacy to them is met with shrieks of "TREASON" and "SCUM! RUSSIAN SCUM!!!".

I might very well be wrong. It could be that Robert Mueller actually has something on the Trump Administration and campaign. But, if he does, it's rather difficult to see what that might be at this point.


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