Eine kleine nachtmetall

With apologies to German purists, and seeing as how symphonic metal band XANDRIA just got rid of their third singer, I figured it might be time to indulge in a little more than the usual dose of extremely nerdy classically inspired symphonic metal.

I'm not really a big fan of the stuff myself, beyond NIGHTWISH and DELAIN- and even then, only in relatively small doses of both- but I'll admit that this sort of music does have its great moments.

And of course, there are readers of mine who do like this sort of thing, in spades. LastRedoubt can thank me later.

OK, that's about enough of the limp-wristed thinly produced lame stuff, now for the GOOD shit:


  1. The Xandria stuff is OK, but damn, I love Nightwish. And yes, it's heresy in some circles, but I'm much more a fan of post-Tarja nightwish in terms of the singing style and increased breadth of music - the operatic thing was great but it really limited the kind of songs they could do, where Floor can do it all.

    And Within Temptation? Damn. "We need a band to do the underworld soundtracks but more epic" . Stand My Ground is one of the most balls-out fighting songs there is (and plenty of Vids set to 300, go figure)


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