BUTTman Begins

See, now this is how you beat the hypocrites of the progressive Left- by smashing their teeth in with a rhetorical clue-bat:

Good faith searches reveal that, as of this writing, nowhere on the home page of either Variety, Deadline, or the Hollywood Reporter will you find a headline with the words “Ben” or “Affleck.” How is this possible in a news cycle where Hollywood’s Batman is being dubbed “Buttman” due to a whole new round of groping allegations? 

On Wednesday, after Affleck apologized to actress Hilarie Burton for a groping incident in 2003, another groping allegation surfaced, this one from 2014, this one from make-up artist Annamarie Tendler, who wrote: “I would also love to get an apology from Ben Affleck who grabbed my ass at a Golden Globes party in 2014.”


So why would the same Hollywood new outlets that are breathlessly covering every detail of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, circle the wagons to protect Affleck?

The answer is quite simple: Harvey Weinstein’s time has passed. The 65 year-old is reportedly in serious financial trouble, has not had a hit in nearly five years, and has not won anyone an Oscar in that same amount of time.

Harvey Weinstein is no longer useful to anyone, so scores are being settled. If he was still useful, his predations would be allowed to continue unchallenged.

Moreover, outlets like Deadline, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter will not make any advertising money from Weinstein. Oscar season is Black Friday to these outlets. Weinstein no longer fills these coffers.

The same is not true for Affleck.

Not only is two-time Oscar-winner Affleck one of the hottest directors around, he is Hollywood’s freakin’ BATMAN — he is the tentpole holding up a tentpole, the Warner Brothers’ Justice League franchise, and what is probably a $250 million to $300 million investment that will hit thousands of screens in less than five weeks.

There is a certain degree of quite delicious schadenfreude involved in seeing Hollywood implode under the sheer weight of the fallout from l'affair Weinstein. The very same moralistic, finger-wagging establishment that forced upon us preachy snoozefests like Moonlight and... hell, I can't even name any of the other recent Oscar winners, has been conclusively proven to be a corrupt, decadent den of perverted and evil human beings.

Let's be perfectly clear about one thing, though: the only reason why Harvey Weinstein is being hounded out of all respectable circles right now is because he is a target of convenience.

He was not doing well financially, he had not had a significant box office hit in years, and his power and influence in Hollyweird had significantly declined from its peak.

By contrast, as John Nolte points out in his Breitbart article, BUTTman- dear Lord, that is just too damned funny- has seen his stock rise significantly over the past decade.

I remember watching Ben Affleck as a ridiculously young child star in an edumacational (yes, that was deliberate) TV series called The Voyage of the Mimi. This was more years ago than I care to remember, and it had to do with something in our science class in the 7th grade. I forget what it was, exactly, and of course the show itself was pretty risible. But the point is that I remember seeing Ben Affleck back when he was little more than just a cute talented kid.

Today, though, he is one of Hollyweird's biggest and most bankable stars.

He is handsome, talented, wealthy, charismatic, and hugely popular.

But he is also very clearly a lower Beta male.

Yeah, he dated a lot of beautiful women and married Jennifer Garner back when she was at more or less the prime of her beauty and fertility. And he's clearly capable of pulling some fit birds these days.

So why, then, would this guy need to resort to groping women- and then apologise for it like a spanked bitch?

By way of comparison, remember when Pussygate happened to the God-Emperor during the campaign trail? Remember all of that incredible noise and fury from the shrieking harpies of the leftist media, from ALL of Hollyweird's moralising finger-pointers, and from the ENTIRE cuckservative establishment, about comments that Donaldus Triumphus made in confidence to an old buddy of his?

He hadn't even done anything wrong other than talk like what he is- an Ur-Alpha male. He had never actually grabbed a woman by the pussy; he simply said that, when you have boatloads of money and fame and power, women will practically throw themselves at you.

He was right.

And yet he was practically crucified for it in the court of public opinion.

Remember how he responded?

He "apologised" the way a true badass does- by keeping it brief, simple, to the point, and brutally honest.

By comparison, BUTTman actually groped women- even while he was dating Jennifer Lopez, who crashed into the awareness of every then-teenage boy in the entire Western world with the backside of a brontosaurus and real, honest-to-God curves- and has now debased himself in apologising for it.

And, of course, instead of taking his lumps like a man and getting on with his life, he's entered "rehab", which apparently is what you do when you're a celebrity and you get caught with your hands down, or at least on, someone else's pants.

(Students of the breed will recognise this manoeuvre as the "Jon Jones Method of Getting Away With Anything".)

Of course, it does not matter to the hypocrites of the Left. Harvey Weinstein is a target of convenience; he is a fat pig (which, coming from a dedicated carnivore and bacon lover, is not intended as an insult to actual pigs in any way) and therefore very easy to dislike.

Ben Affleck, on the other hand, is a money-making machine for the Hollyweird establishment, and so- for now, at least- he is protected.

I do have to admit to a certain wariness as far as all of these rape and molestation accusations go. All of you are, or should be, quite well aware of just how quickly and easily women resort to accusations of rape and sexual misconduct with men that they dislike. In our modern degenerate society, a woman can scream "RAPE!!!" any time she wants, around any man she does not like, for any reason, and the rest of us are expected to take her completely seriously.

Are at least some of the women accusing Harvey Weinstein, and now BUTTman, of sexual impropriety, simply doing so because they see a target of opportunity? I think it's quite possible, even likely.

But there is no doubt any longer that there is considerable truth to the allegations as well.

And now those of us who have for years suspected that Hollyweird hides a cesspit of filth and degeneracy behind all of the showy dresses and bright lights, can watch the "fun" as their empire of lies begins to crumble, if only ever so slightly and only for a little while.

Because, make no mistake, this goes far deeper than just one fat slob of a producer who went too far with his casting couch indiscretions. The Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for the evil that they perpetuated and considered "normal"; if there were true justice in the world, Hollywood in particular and much of both Los Angeles and New York would burn to the ground tomorrow following a direct kinetic energy weapon strike from orbit, courtesy of the Big Fella Upstairs.

And, in all honesty, they'd probably deserve it.


  1. This blog has become a daily stop for me. Good reads consistently.

    Excellent job, Didact.

    1. Thanks man, much respect to you as well.


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