Born in the wrong century

For the record, I agree with every part of this caption EXCEPT the bit about the POTUS
Boys (and the one or two girls that can control their gag reflexes long enough to read what I write)- have you ever found yourself thinking that this modern world of ours has its head shoved way too far up its own arse?

You're not alone.

The other day I was joking around with my mother, telling her about my vacation and about how much fun I was having. I told her that I was planning to go visit a classical art gallery that day, and then expressed (once again) my long-held opinion that modern art galleries around the world ought to be re-purposed to become toilets and landfills.

My mother, of course, agrees with me on the subject- which is natural, given that it is from her that I get my fascination with art and history.

I then joked that I was obviously born in the wrong century. Her response went something like this:

"ABSOLUTELY. Your attitudes about society, about women, about men and fatherhood, about modernity, about art- all of it- don't even come from the Twentieth Century. They come from the Nineteenth."

We both laughed about it, but my mother was- is- correct.

The Benefits of Modernity

Now let's set the record straight. There is a lot of good to be found in the modern world. When I started writing this post, I was sitting in a coffee shop in an airport typing away on a laptop, drinking a really rather good (and enormous) latte. My favourite metal choons were playing through a tiny set of headphones that I picked up for, like $30 (and I considered that to be excessive). My mobile phone was sitting right next to my laptop, and with it I could communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world, using unlimited data on a fast network.

I had and have more processing power available at my fingertips than the ENTIRE set of computers in the lab full of Apple IIe machines that I used as a very young child. (Anyone remember those ancient clunkers? More importantly- does anyone remember playing freakin' KARATEKA on them?!?)

I could ask for cinnamon to go with my latte and receive a little container full of the spice. The stuff costs very little nowadays- but 500 years ago, barely the blink of an eye in terms of the age of our species, entire empires were willing to go to war in order to secure production of spices in the East Indies.

Hell, the Dutch traded the entirety of New York to the British in order to gain rights to tiny little islands in the British East Indies; it's not hard to figure out who got the best out of that particular trade.

My mobile phone acombines so many different devices into one that it's not even funny. Half my lifetime ago, my family and I would travel while juggling brick-sized Nokia and Motorola mobile phones, flashlights, cameras, pagers, batteries, chargers, compasses, maps, cassette players, and God only knows what else by way of paraphernalia.

Nowadays, "there's an app for that"- whatever "that" happens to be.

You don't even have to go to the effort of "unnecessary" social interaction if you don't want to.

If you want to call up a cab or a driver to get you from point A to point B, you can book that instantly.

If you want to go on a date, you don't even have to approach a girl anymore.

If you want tickets to an event, you can get whatever you want with a few swipes and taps on your smartphone screen.

If you want to buy just about anything, you no longer need to go to a store to do it. You can go to an online retailer, like Amazon (of course), and buy whatever it is that you want- and it will arrive the next day. In the case of groceries, you can even get delivery within four hours of extremely fresh, extremely high-quality produce.

All of these things- except the dating apps- are wonderful and I certainly don't want to lose them. I love the convenience and simplicity of doing so many things online. I embrace the fact that our modern lifestyle is one of ease, comfort, and efficiency. As an extreme introvert, I certainly enjoy being able to get whatever I want, whenever I want it, without having to deal with people in the process.

But there is no question that somewhere along the line, this digital, atomised lifestyle has caused us to lose critically important traditions and ideas that matter.

These days we are, as a species, hopelessly dependent on technology. If the electrical grids were ever to go dark for more than a few days, civilisation as we know it would simply collapse. And the fact is that most people would be unable to cope.

Worse, our modern world is so obsessed with material goods, status, wealth, and power that the most important things in life have been lost.

Let's take a look at a few simple examples.

Family Dinner

It used to be that family dinners were a critically important part of the day for everyone within the household. Mealtimes were used to bond, to let off steam, and to bring children into adult discussions and be treated as equals. That is certainly how things operate in my family; mealtimes in my father's house are sacrosanct, and we all treat meals as little slices of time that allow us all to be together.

But many families these days do not even engage in this most simple of rituals. Each individual member is too wrapped up in whatever nonsense exists on his or her smartphone or tablet to be bothered to engage in conversation and bond over the shared stresses of family life.

Dating and Relationships

I don't have to explain to anyone who reads my work just how severely messed up the sexual and marriage market places are. It is important for men (and women) of my generation and younger to understand that this is NOT how it used to be.

Back in the days before the Pill, before second- and third-wave feminism, and before the destruction of religion and faith as binding forces within our society, men and women would meet, go on dates, pair-bond, and generally try to build lifelong partnerships.

This often did not work; the fact is that men and women have competing, and largely incompatible, reproductive strategies. The institution of marriage originated as one way to try to resolve the difficulty of taming male desire for sexual variety and pairing it with female need for reproductive stability. But, for the most part, monogamy and tradition endured and became the true bedrock of modern civilisation.

All of that is now gone. Monogamy is, in many ways, a sucker's game these days- and I say that as someone who actually supports traditional monogamous marriage. Relationships don't last because women are now economically independent and largely do not need men to keep them safe, secure, and provided for.

It used to be that men and women would meet, date, possibly have sex (though doing so out of wedlock was considered deeply morally wrong), marry, and have children.

Nowadays, though, there is no such order whatsoever. Men and women meet, screw, separate, have kids out of wedlock, marry, divorce, cheat and have affairs, and generally make completely miserable wrecks out of themselves and their offspring.

It used to be that men and women would meet and date roughly their equivalents in terms of sexual and marriage market value- that is to say, 4s, 5s, and 6s would date and marry 4s and 5s and 6s, or at most 7s and 8s, and 9s, and 10s would either stay single and have multiple sexual partners throughout their lives, or marry extremely high-status equivalents (and then have extra-marital affairs, of course, because that is what Alphas- male and female- do).

Nowadays, though, every woman rated at a 4 and up only wants to date and bang 8s, 9s, and 10s. And that leaves the majority of men out in the cold with only Rosie Palm, prostitutes, or the MGTOW route as viable options. Such men can elevate themselves in the SMP by learning game, but this is basically an antidote to the symptoms of a diseased and broken society, not a directly applied cure for the disease itself.

Work and Career

Lifelong employment under one company, firm, or business was standard for a very, very long time. Up until the 19th Century or so, most men were born into the professions that they would carry out for the rest of their lives, and they would pass on those skills to their sons.

Even when economies began transitioning away from agriculture and industrial production to tertiary-level services and technology, it was still fairly common to find a lifelong path within a single company. My father, for instance, worked for damn near thirty years for the same company, and rose a long way up during the process.

With the emergence of a truly global corporate culture, though, lifelong employment vanished. I've been working for my firm for nearly six years, and I feel ancient. In my industry it's common for people to work for a company for 2-5 years, then jump ship and find another big international company in the same industry. And there aren't many such companies; it isn't uncommon for me to see CVs from applicants for positions in my firm who once worked for us, then went to work for all of our major competitors, and are now right back where they started.

While it can be argued- and I would agree- that moving away from the old model of lifetime employment and cushy sinecures and towards a more efficient, results-driven, goal-oriented approach was on balance a very good thing, modern corporate culture has robbed men of one of our most fundamental needs: loyalty, honour, the feeling of belonging to something bigger than ourselves.

Men wouldn't just work for a big company because it provided stable employment and a guaranteed pension upon retirement. Many of them worked for such companies because they genuinely loved the company and its culture.

That was certainly true in my father's case. He worked for decades for his company because he believed, and still believes, in its credo. He turned down many more lucrative opportunities because his company took care of him and his family, and so he felt a great deal of loyalty toward the corporate entity that had done right by him.

But that is now gone.

Never mind all of the crap on paper about how "we love our employees" and how "our people are our greatest resource". Put one foot wrong, say one wrong thing, and you're up in front of some HR bimbo who couldn't tie her own shoelaces in the morning without a man's help, listening to her harangue you about your "male privilege" and how you "created an unsafe working environment" for some supposedly much put-upon female colleague.

Just by virtue of having a penis, you are automatically considered at fault for everything. And God help you if you are a middle-aged white Christian man; if that's you, then you are instantly fair game for any problem, and you are likely to be targeted first for the next round of "right-sizing" and "offshoring".

Worst of all, though, the natural fighting instincts that drive men to greatness have been dulled through decades of sedentary lifestyles, sitting in front of glowing monitors doing meaningless nonsense.

The deep-seated urge that all men have to fight, struggle, conquer, and survive has been buried under a heap of consumerism and material ease. Many office-bound men have never lifted anything too much heavier than a chair in their entire lives; very few of them know what it means to lift iron or fight in combat.

They eat foods deliberately designed to fatten them up like cattle being led to slaughter, they watch mindlessly stupid entertainment designed to destroy their thinking faculties, and they never, ever question the narratives that they have been given their entire lives.

This is NOT how we were meant to live. This is NOT who we are supposed to be.

A Cure for Our Afflictions

Fixing these issues does not necessarily mean rejecting modernity. I don't know about you but I rather like having electricity, indoor plumbing, convenient groceries, and of course this blog. I like having a smartphone that plays my music and contains a gigantic library of books and lets me conduct live-video chats with the people that I care about the most. I like having modern medicine and dentistry, instead of leaving my health in the dubious hands of witch-doctors and shamans chanting rituals and sprinkling chicken's blood over my body.

It does mean reclaiming our most powerful and basic urges as men.

It means forcing ourselves to turn away from the worst excesses of our current civilisation. It means forging ourselves into stronger, tougher, better men.

It means embracing ancient wisdom and knowledge about the proper place of a man- relative to his woman, his culture, his nation, and his God.

It means understanding that men were meant to live and work and breathe and fight. We were always meant to be far more than producing-consuming economic animals; we were meant to stand for something, to defend, to conquer, to build, and to master.

It means becoming, if possible, devoted husbands and fathers to the very few and very rare good women left. It means passing on to our sons and daughters the hard-won wisdom of our forebears. It means insisting that certain traditions actually have merit, and enforcing those traditions by going to church, sitting down for dinners together as a family, spending real time with those who matter the most, and creating shared memories and lives.

It means associating with and spending time with other masculine men- and not in the degenerate homosexual sense, but in the sense of creating a tribe, a gang, an in-group of brothers in arms who will stand and fight for each other.

It means rejecting the worst excesses of this return to barbarism that we mistakenly call "civilisation". It means turning away from the bread-and-circuses spectacles of its "entertainment". It means rejecting the soul-destroying abominations of its "architecture" and "art". It means refusing to listen anymore to the mind-numbing trash that is its "music" and "television". It means rejecting the cattle-slop that is its "food". It means refusing to tolerate any longer its totally degenerate acceptance of "alternative lifestyles" and gay "marriage" and "social justice", in favour of much more restrained and restrictive classical virtues.

It means remembering that true freedom is NOT about "doing as you please". That is anarchism, and it doesn't work in real life. It means understanding that real freedom is the rejection of discipline imposed by others, in favour of discipline imposed by oneself.

It means, more than anything else, being MEN. Not frightened little pajama-clad mangina shitheads, but MEN.

It is not easy. But then, nothing worth doing ever is.


  1. I'll give you three guesses as to where that culture of working for a single employer because you love it still exists.

  2. Oh, and it appears that the actual rule, for sex, for most of mankind for most of history - at least in cultures that placed a high value on certain things - was, "We know you're human and you're going nuts with the urge to rut. Once you are properly engaged / betrothed we will avert our eyes to what you do. However, if she comes up pregnant you had best be prepared to move the wedding date up to the week after the rabbit died. Oh, and if you try to back out we'll kill you or, bare minimum, shotgun you to the altar."

    1. All I can say to that, sir, is: "Amen".

      I've actually said something similar to my kid sister in the past about any prospective boyfriends: "He breaks your heart, I break his legs". This is usually met with an eye-roll and an overly dramatic huff, but the reality is that the old ways really do make quite a lot of sense.

      Hey, I said I was born in the wrong century.


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