Beta as...

Well, you know:

Dear God Almighty. I need to go HURT something after watching that.

Actually, Davis Aurini's comment about the two, er, "guys" who made that video is accurate: they're not Betas, they're Gammas. (Assuming that the video is NOT satirical in nature, obviously.)

It was made by two guys who were repeatedly called "Betas" by their critics. Instead of actually, y'know, sacking up and becoming something other than a pair of pasty-faced skinny-fat doofuses who look like they could be overpowered by a teenage girl in a bar fight, they decided to go and make a music video that takes pride in Betatude.

Such blasphemy must be punished, lest young men think that these two manginas are to be emulated instead of scorned.

Unfortunately, our Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) has something of a monopoly on inflicting severe, cruel, and unusual punishments upon Gammas. This leaves the rest of us shitlords with rather a lot less work to do than we might otherwise like.

So I suppose I'll have to make up for that by finding a few manly songs about manly things. Y'know- honour, glory, fighting for a cause, dying well in battle, that sort of thing.

In other words, the sort of epic stuff that Gammas love to make fun of in order to make their own pathetic selves feel better, and which the rest of us with actual balls know makes us better men.


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