Wife material

Ever heard of a young Scottish lady named Amy Macdonald?

Yeah, me neither.

Apparently, she is a singer-songwriter who has sold something like 9 million albums worldwide. That makes her more famous than just about any heavy metal band that I listen to outside of, probably, IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST.

And yet, of course, I had no clue who the hell she was.

Until last night, when I was watching S19E02 of (WHAT USED TO BE) THE GREATEST TV SHOW OF ALL TIME- formerly known as TOP GEAR- and watched the "Star In A Reasonably Priced Car" segment:

Beautiful? Check.

Extremely feminine? Check.

Lovely eyes? Check.

Soft-spoken, charming voice with an absolutely adorable accent? Check.

Petrolhead who loves cars? CHECK!!!

If you watch the full segment on Netflix, you can see the body language of all of the men ringing the central stage where she and Jezza are sitting and talking. They're all putty in her hands.

And, I have to admit, so was I when I watched her. That is the kind of soft-spoken Scottish flower that anyone who has actually visited the drab, dreary, rain-soaked, moss-covered, wet, miserable, deep-fried, and utterly drunk countryside of Scotland thinks cannot possibly grow in that soil.

I've never listened to any of her music, but if you listen to the track in the second clip above, you'll discover that she's actually got a hell of a powerful voice.

She's the kind of girl where you just find yourself thinking, "... WOW."

Of course, once you read her biography, you will very quickly realise exactly why it is that the national flower of Scotland is the thistle.

She was engaged to a football player- no, not what you Yankees call football, the actual kind that is about 900% more boring and contains about 1500% more flagrant diving than the American version- for 4 years.

She put her engagement on hold in order to focus on her career. And yes, I'll readily admit, she made a hell of a career out of her voice.

And then she and her man "split amicably".

She's now 30. Her best years are running out fast. And she's still, evidently, more interested in her career than she is in being a wife.

And, hey, that's her choice. She's got a hell of a talent and she's making amazing money doing what she loves. More power to her for it.

But damn, if she didn't seem just about perfect when I saw her interview last night.


  1. Met a young Scottish woman recently and was amazed at how feminine she was. If I've ever met a single American woman as feminine as she was, I don't recall it. Living in the US, it's startling when I'm reminded of how crass and damaged our women are.

    She had met her American boyfriend in a refugee camp in Greece, where they were both working to help extinguish civilization.

    Oh, well.

    Both were very pleasant people and aside from a passing reference to how they met, discussed civilized, apolitical topics in a pleasant, civilized way.

    1. Living in the US, it's startling when I'm reminded of how crass and damaged our women are.

      God Almighty, yes. It astonishes me every day that I am here.

      I talk to a lady living in Eastern Europe every once in a while, and to women in other parts of the world on occasion. When I finish talking to them and then look around me at the wasteland that is the urban northeast USA, I feel another little part of my soul choke and die every time.

  2. She was wife material when she was in her late teens, early twenties. Now, she's pump and dump material for 40 and 50 year old cads.


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