We all need more Viking metal

I came across a new band today called BROTHERS OF METAL, who sound... well, pretty damn interesting.

Imagine taking the death metal growling and Viking imagery found in the work of AMON AMARTH, the power and melody of TYR, the folk-metal groove of FINNTROLL or TROLLFEST, and smashing in some female vocals like you find with BATTLELORE, and you'll get some idea of what these characters sound like.

Of course, nothing quite explains their music like, y'know, listening to it:

Yeah, they're cheesier than a Swiss fondue, but damn if they aren't also seriously catchy. It's like somebody took all the best bits of ENSIFERUM, threw in some great female vocals, and turned the epicness ALL THE WAY UP TO 11!!!

I do so love being a metalhead.


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