Ugly truths

There are a couple of books that I have been reading recently which serve to illustrate my long-held maxim that the truth can set you free- but damn can it hurt you in the process.

Both of these titles were featured by friend and fellow shitlord Matt Forney, back in the days when he was blogging regularly on his own website. And both turned out to be rather good suggestions.

Unfortunately, neither of these make for comfortable reading. While this is not surprising, it is also important to understand that these books will not leave you full of warm fuzzies afterwards.

They will challenge you. They will anger you. They will sadden you. Most importantly, they will teach you.

The first of these is The Key Logger by a chap named Nicholas Jack, who is evidently fairly well known over on the PUA side of the Manosphere. His book lays out the results of an experiment that he conducted with many of the women that he was dating and sleeping with.

He installed a, well, key logger on his computer, and then he allowed and even encouraged women of his acquaintance in his personal life to use his laptop to access their Faceborg and Instawhore pages. He was then able to look through their messages with other guys, and in the process was able to check whether these women were lying to him.

To call this "morally questionable" is a colossal understatement. What Mr. Jack did was without a doubt a massive violation of an individual's expectation of privacy. He unquestionably violated the trust that his dates and girlfriends placed in him. To his (slight) credit, Mr. Jack admits as much and points out that what he did is not morally defensible at all.

While his actions were deeply unethical in many ways, the lessons learned in the process are extremely instructive.

Matt Forney reviewed this book several years ago, and he came away from the book thinking much the same things that I did. Like him, I view this as a must-read book because it teaches you some extremely sharp and severely painful lessons- but the pain is very much for your own good.

What Nicholas Jack discovered firsthand was a raw and brutal truth about women: their capacity to lie, cheat, and hide the truth from men is astonishing, and they will often refuse to admit to what they have done even when caught red-handed, even if you literally catch them in flagrante delicto.

Time after time, Mr. Jack discovered that the girls that he thought were being faithful to him and were possible relationship material, were lying to him. They would tell him that they were meeting with "friends" or "traveling"- but in reality they were seeing other men and in many cases sleeping with them.

Now, as Matt Forney pointed out in his review, it is one thing to know this intellectually, through extensive red-pill or neomasculine reading. It is quite another to get hit with that truth like a shotgun blast.

This truth was brought home to me in particularly poignant fashion because, at the time that I was reading this specific book, I was dealing with the aftermath of a situation very similar to the ones that Mr. Jack describes.

Essentially, I discovered that a woman that I had really cared about, was doing exactly what the book talks about to me. Hard.

I met her earlier this year. She was... beautiful in a way that is really hard to describe in words.

After years of being forced to deal with the revolting combination of grrrrrl power, toxic stupidity, foul-mouthed crassness, and complete lack of impulse control that is the average big-city American woman these days- and, to be honest, I'd long since stopped bothering to so much as try to deal with them- it was like seeing a beautiful woman for the very first time.

I thought she might be potential relationship material. I looked at ways of pursuing such a thing with her. I kept getting excuses and evasions, at which point I started to do some digging.

At which point I learned that the entire time we had been talking, she actually had been dating, sleeping with, and going on holidays with, another man- and had been doing so for a full year before we met. And she had gone with that same man to several of the very same spots that I had wanted to visit with her, on at least one occasion after I had suggested a particular destination.

That was on top of several other men that she had never told me about the entire time we had been talking.

And all of that was after I learned that, the entire time that we had been together, she was not staying with "friends", as she had claimed. She had in fact been staying with an ex-boyfriend of hers- one of what I subsequently learned was a not-exactly-short list of such- and had spent the previous two weeks on vacation with him in the Caribbean.

She had failed the dick-stacking test, fairly badly in fact. The signs were all there; I'd simply failed to see them. And I'd never even needed a key logger, just a bit more than usual of my regular hard-nosed scepticism.

I will not soon forget that feeling of betrayal and pain. It was quite a lot like being stabbed, hard, right in the guts. It took me a long time to get past that.

What truly amazed me at the time, and still shocks me now, was the ability of this woman to deny that she had done anything wrong. She refused to admit that she had lied to me until I made it clear that I simply wasn't going to tolerate any more nonsense- and later told me that she only admitted to lying in order to end the arguments.

She refused to take responsibility for her actions or admit that she had done anything wrong or immoral in any way.

Her main defence was that she had never claimed to be any kind of moral person. And that was it.

It was, I admit, a bit of a rude awakening.

And that brings us to the other major point of Mr. Jack's book: this is normal for women. Given half a chance, just about any woman with options is going to do the same thing.

A beautiful woman with a social media account has access to dozens, if not hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of men to meet, date, and sleep with. Social media applications and sites like Facebook, Instagram, and all the rest, have stripped away all remaining protections against female monkey-branching (or, as we in the 'Sphere call it, "hypergamy").

Such women have, for all intents and purposes, unlimited options, at least for a while.

And as our feminised Western society continues to strip away any and all accountability on the part of women everywhere, those same women can indulge in as much male attention as they want with almost no negative consequences whatsoever.

Thanks to the ubiquitous availability of on-demand contraception, women can have sex virtually free of any and all repercussions. Thanks to online dating and smartphone apps like Tinder and Bumble, women can get all of the instant validation that they want from thousands of men. Thanks to society's refusal to believe that a woman is responsible for her own safety, she can turn around and accuse a man of rape, thereby destroying his reputation and life, at a whim.

And thanks to skyrocketing divorce rates and equally high rates of single motherhood, more and more women are being raised to believe that jumping from bed to bed, without cost or consequences, is normal and right. They lack the stern authority of father figures to set them straight and stop them from whoring around- which means that what Nicholas Jack saw is going to become more common, not less, and it is already the norm.

Yet all of these awful outcomes are not the focus of Mr. Jack's book. The main point of his book is not that women today are, in the main, attention-seeking whores.

The point is that women have ALWAYS been this way. And they always will be.

The basic nature of women has never changed. The change that we are witnessing is what happens when all of the safeguards and barriers to female hypergamy have been removed- and that is why women today are so wantonly destructive, to themselves and to us.

As I wrote above, it is one thing to know this intellectually. It is quite another to know it in your very bones.

This book will fundamentally change the way that you look at women. You will likely never fully trust them again.

And that, in and of itself, is not a good thing.

As Mr. Jack admits, one of the later girls that he subjected to this experiment was, in fact, completely innocent of all of his accusations of lying and hypocrisy. She really was one of those rare and precious "good girls" that every masculine man deeply desires to have in his life. She was beautiful, kind, caring, sweet, and nurturing- and he destroyed their relationship by letting his paranoia and suspicion get the better of him.

By opening Pandora's hot sexy box (so to speak), Mr. Jack gained a profound insight into how women think and act- but he also lost, perhaps permanently, a significant degree of his ability to pair-bond with any one woman. Such bonding requires trust; without it, that bond is impossible and any form of real, meaningful relationship simply cannot form.

My one major problem with this book is the extremely slipshod editing. I am unquestionably a grammar fiend, and reading through a sloppily edited, badly written book is often an excruciating experience for me. And unfortunately, this book is riddled with errors of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Its major saving grace is the fact that, in spite of its stylistic issues, it still manages to impart some extremely valuable, and quite painful, life lessons.

The second compilation of ugly truths is all about race relations in America. Now, for the average (white) American, this is an extremely uncomfortable subject; white Americans have been demonised and browbeaten and forced to feel guilty for so long that they feel a reflexive chill of fear run down their spines every time anyone so much as whispers the word "race" within earshot.

Hell, I grew up in the Western edumacation system myself. I was "educated" indoctrinated by some of the very best. And I was made to feel almost as guilty about race and racism as any average white boy growing up in any shitlibopolis anywhere in America.

The difference between me and most young American men is that I woke the hell up. And I realised that most of what we are told is true about race, especially when it comes to blacks and Hispanics, simply is not true.

The problem is that, until fairly recently, it was quite difficult to get any kind of high-quality straight talk on the subject of race in this country.

About the closest we could get at one time was Paul Kersey's Stuff Black People Don't Like blog (which has now been incarcerated within the Goolag), and the subsequent book. I read the book and used to read the blog. And I got so thoroughly put off by the appalling lack of quality control with respect to editing and spelling that I simply stopped bothering anymore.

So it is to his great credit that Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance magazine, has performed a considerable public service by compiling a series of articles and submissions that provide real insight into the current state of non-white America.

Now, as Matt Forney pointed out in his review of the book, this book is actually primarily about the dysfunctional nature of black America. Hispanic and Asian America are very different; the former is descending into the suck, while most of the latter is doing quite well.

But it is black America that deserves, and gets, the lion's share of the attention.

It is difficult for the average white American to understand just how radically different black America is, because most whites have gone through considerable effort, both conscious and otherwise, to minimise their contact with black America. And rightly so. The reality is, however, that the hilarious label of "dindu dysfunction" is both entirely justified and highly appropriate.

Blacks comprise 14% of the American population, yet account for the majority of violent crime. Their average IQ is a full standard deviation lower than that of the average white. As I have proven before, this means that roughly 11.6% of blacks are smarter and more intellectually gifted than the average white.

The evidence presented in the book of how blacks are simply incapable of building or maintaining anything resembling a functional civilisation is absolutely damning. Bleeding-heart shitlib whites might like to believe that, with heartbreaking effort and terrible sacrifice, black America can become as civilised, enlightened, safe, and prosperous as white America, but that is a dream that will disappear into the smoke of a crack pipe just as soon as your average dindu can get his hands on it.

The harsh reality is that black America cannot be saved. The rot of its dysfunction goes too deep. This is a part of American society where over 70% of children are born out of wedlock, where teen pregnancy is common, where women happily squeeze out multiple bastards from multiple fathers and then turn around and stick the rest of us with the bill for raising them through the welfare system.

The "black undertow" is an observable and verifiable phenomenon that is broken down in considerable detail in several articles in this book. As it points out, the moment that a decent chunk of the population of any white-bread town or city becomes black, crime and degeneracy follow almost immediately. What was once a safe, happy, and prosperous town of hard-working white folk who obeyed the law and respected their neighbours, soon becomes just another dysfunctional dindu shitpile.

Not for nothing have I pointed out that white civilisation is, for the most part, orderly, quiet, safe, clean, beautiful, and civilised- and black "civilisation" is loud, dirty, disorganised, ugly, rude, dyscivic, and often extremely dangerous.

It does not matter where you look in society. The same pattern emerges over, and over, and over again. Whether it is in the inner city, the suburbs, private industry, government work, or even prison, the exact same phenomena prevail, always and every time.

This book brings home the extremely pointed reality that black people cannot be saved from themselves. All that whites can do is attempt to protect their fellow whites, and maybe a few like-minded Asians and Hispanics. (White Americans tend to be pretty decent about that sort of thing, by the way. It's one of the many reasons why I like them.)

And it remains an open question as to whether they will even do that much.

The last article in the book is written by a native white South African- one of the last of the Boers left in a country that is systematically persecuting white people out of the very country that they themselves built. And it points out that whites willingly surrendered their own power, bowing to the forces of collective racial guilt, massive international pressure, and simple demographic reality.

So far, white Africans in Zimbabwe and South Africa have done little to avoid their fate. They are being exterminated in the very countries that their great empires built and brought kicking and screaming into the modern world.

While no one denies the evils of imperialism- least of all me, the child of a former colony of the greatest empire the world has ever seen- it is also impossible to deny the reality that black Africa, and by extension black America, would be completely doomed without white people.

You don't have to particularly like white people, or to be sympathetic to them, to understand that almost every single modern innovation that has made our lives easier, safer, more prosperous, and more comfortable, was created by whites.

You don't have to like the fact that the world can feed its historically unprecedented population today because of the efforts of a white man to understand that it is true.

You don't have to like the reality the most prosperous countries in the world are white and (East) Asian because those same nations enshrine respect for property rights and individual sovereignty as the ultimate goals of government, to realise the truth.

And you sure as hell don't have to like the fact that blacks worldwide cannot do or understand any of these things.

Reality really does not give the minutest quantum of a damn about your feelings.

That fact is brought home in brutal fashion, repeatedly, by the personal anecdotes and facts that are to be found within Jared Taylor's book.

Mr. Taylor did us all a tremendous service when he compiled these stories into this book. It is an extremely important and timely reminder that race realism is key to the survival of Western civilisation- and not all of the stupid kumbaya nonsense in the world can change this fact.


  1. FWIW - especially when introducing the topics of the second book to normies, Colin Flaherty's "White Girl Bleed a Lot" (book and podcast) and "Don't Make the Black Kids Angry" (book) are worth quite a bit because he very calmly, without pointing many fingers at reasons, documents over and over and over again the repeated instances of violence and how they're covered up.

    He's shown up on Molyneux as well, I believe.

    1. Yeah, I read White Girl Bleed A Lot back in early 2015. That was one hell of an eye-opener. I thought I knew how messed up the Western media was when it came to reporting dindu crimes against whites, but it turns out that the rot and corruption is much deeper than any of us realised.

      The media is the enemy of the people, and deserves to be treated as such.

  2. I read Nicholas' book and while it's very eye opening I can't stop thinking that the few men who have (almost) equal options with women will do the same. Hypergamy works on both sides. Additionally, women have this extra layer of shame when it comes to getting laid with multiple men because society will label them as sluts. We do want to get laid with women easily but at the same time we expect them to hold out on other men which is not realistic.

    1. I can't stop thinking that the few men who have (almost) equal options with women will do the same

      Correct. Promiscuity unquestionably affects both sexes. It is NOT good for men or women. However, promiscuity is FAR more damaging to women than it is to men- a woman who has slept with just one man has about the same divorce risk as a man who has slept with NINETEEN women.

      That's the difference between men and women. Hypergamy among men can be, and usually is, controlled- because we are the gatekeepers of commitment. The moment that hypergamy among women is let loose, everything goes straight to Hell- because women are the gatekeepers of sex.

      We do want to get laid with women easily but at the same time we expect them to hold out on other men which is not realistic.

      I agree. A woman has the right to expect fidelity from a man if he expects the same from her. Fair is fair, after all. That is why I have no patience whatsoever for men who cheat on their women.

      For the record, I have no problem at all with men who say to their ladies, "I love you, I am crazy about you, but I will never be strictly monogamous with just you. I will continue to see and sleep with other women on the side- but I will never get emotionally involved with them."

      This, to me, is totally up-front, honest, and above board. I have no problem whatsoever with this. A high-sex-drive man who says this to his lady (or ladies) is doing the right thing. There is no cheating or lying involved at all, and I have no issue with this beyond the fact that monogamy and pair-bonding are net goods for society as a whole and should be encouraged.


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