The gifts

Living through the ongoing collapse of Western civilisation is not a fun experience even at the best of times. There is nothing enjoyable about watching the culture that you love willingly and voluntarily castrating itself, tearing down its own monuments, and producing increasingly tawdry mockeries of the works of the past.

As was written in The Master's work, we are lesser sons of greater sires.

Yet, in the midst of all of this despair and misery, it is important to remember that the timeless truths that the West insists on casting aside, still hold force and validity. They always will. We just seem to be in an awfully big hurry, in our stupidity and arrogance, to forget them.

One of those truths is the fact that masculinity and femininity are gifts, to be used for the mutual benefit of both sexes.

For the past fifty years, Western nations have rushed headlong down the path of "equality". Had we a little less hubris, a little more sense, and a lot more knowledge of history, perhaps we would realise that "free men are not equal, and equal men are not free", in the words of that favourite quote that my friend LastRedoubt likes to reference.

The problem is that men and women were NEVER meant to be equal.

We were never meant to take on the same roles, be they biological, social, or political. We were never meant to be interchangeable. It was never intended that we be in competition with each other.

We were always meant to complement each other.

Those of us men who have seen this fundamental truth, and who have begun embracing the gifts of our masculine natures, have reaped great rewards in the process. It doesn't matter where we each started on our individual path- whether our goal was to become fitter, financially independent, mentally tougher, more successful with women, or whatever. By embracing our masculine natures, we have become calmer, stronger, and simply more interesting as human beings.

The gift of masculinity starts with a seemingly insurmountable paradox.

In biological terms, men are not particularly important. This is a hard and inescapable fact. Sperm is cheap while eggs are expensive. This has always has been, and always will be, the truth. Men are individually unimportant. Kill us off in our tens of thousands, and even in our millions; as long as a few of the strongest, toughest, and smartest of us survive, our tribes and our peoples survive.

Yet, it is because we are individually unimportant, because we are doomed by the Gift of Men, that we are given almost twice as much time as women are to maximise our potential and make our mark upon the world.

We produce vastly greater resources than women do. Upon our shoulders falls the glorious burden of building, maintaining, and when necessary, destroying civilisations and societies. It falls to us to lead, to take risks, to expand existing frontiers and conquer new ones, and to make the sacrifices needed so that our tribe may survive.

This seeming contradiction, of the longevity of male value versus the expendable nature of individual men, is resolved by the fact that masculine men are, and must be, complemented by feminine women.

Think about it. The reason why men take risks and fight and struggle and often die horribly is because, at a very primal level, we seek to prove ourselves capable of creating strong offspring. We each seek to carry on our genetic legacy by mating with high-value women. But, because we are individually unimportant- because each man produces so many billions of sperm throughout his lifetime- not all of us will get that chance.

We engage in such risks in order to achieve the rewards of sex and pair-bonding with as many high-value women as we can, and thereby achieve genetic immortality, so to speak.

And to achieve that end, we need women- just as they need us in order to secure resources and provide for and protect them.

All of this is an idealised explanation of how the world should work, obviously. It is, to some extent, how the world did work for a very long time.

But in our madness and folly, we have spent the last fifty years trying to make men more like women, and women more like men.

It has not gone well:

Men and women are both deeply dissatisfied with this modern world, and with good reason. This abomination that we now call "equalitarianism" promised us that we would be as gods unto ourselves, if only we remade the world according to our own desires and wishes; instead, we continue to scramble around in the mud, wondering why the promised paradise never appeared.

The reality is that men were NEVER meant to be "equal partners". Our masculine virtues of strength, courage, mastery, and honour were always meant to be unleashed, not chained.

Since I write for a fairly regular audience, I wager that every single man among you knows what it feels like your masculinity is given full expression.

It is a feeling unlike any other, a sense of primal invincibility that makes you want to throw your head back to the skies and roar with leonine delight at the power coursing through your veins, your blood, your very bones.

You feel it in the squat rack, when you achieve a new personal-best lift, breaking through your old plateaus of pain and frustration.

You feel it on the sparring mat, when your skills as a fighter express themselves in a transcendental flow that lets you see strikes and takedowns before they even happen. Even when you are exhausted after fighting through many rounds, even when your lungs are burning and you can barely lift your arms and legs to fight, you feel that savage urge to fight.

You feel it when riding a motorcycle up to, and even beyond, the limits of sense and safety on a winding mountain road, with nothing but God Himself and His open sky above you and the entire world before you. You know that the slightest slip could kill you. There is no feeling quite like the rush that comes from driving along that razor's edge between life and death.

You feel it when you have a truly beautiful, truly feminine woman in your arms, a woman that you can love and cherish and protect from the world. Her femininity opens her up to you, and your masculine pride and prowess cannot help but respond. Her beauty, grace, love, and care fulfill you and delight you. You know you have found such a woman when you find yourself longing for her presence after she leaves the room, not because you are weak, but because you are strong, and because your strength expresses itself most fully when she is near.

And you feel it when you roughhouse with your sons and swing your daughters high in the air. You feel that sense that all is right with the world- because you are a man, and the gifts that you were given as a man have reached their fullest and most complete expression in your beloved children.

We have allowed ourselves to forget these magnificent gifts of manliness. In our madness and stupidity, we curse the Lord for giving us these things, when what we should be doing is working to develop such gifts just as well as we possibly can.

If you feel weak, unmanly, indecisive, or too risk-averse, change one thing in your life, and only one, that expresses your masculinity.

Start lifting weights. Take up a martial art. Travel. Approach women on the streets and engage them in simple conversations. Learn to ride a motorcycle- I love driving cars, but I'll be the first to admit that a motorbike is a far more intimate and raw connection with the world. Read the great works of great men. Write a book (or start a blog). Start your own business. Study a new language. Build a monument, paint on a canvas, learn how to work with your hands, plant a garden.

Do anything other than letting yourself continue down the path of weakness.

We are men. We were never meant to be weak. We were never meant to be indecisive. And we were certainly never meant to follow where our women led.


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