Shut it, Bitch

Is anyone else completely fed up of the Hilldebeast's ongoing self-pity party? I know I sure as hell am.

As it turns out, even moderate liberaltards are getting tired of listening to the Bitch whine and moan about the fact that she lost to what almost everyone on the Left thought was a complete joke of a candidate:

To say that Democrats took Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump pretty hard would be an understatement: it’s no secret left-wingers have come up with some wild ideas about how Trump must have “stolen” the election from their beloved Hillary. From Russian hackers to “fake news” to blaming the press, other politicians and practically everything in between, the left has clearly come up with all kinds of excuses for why Hillary lost. The liberals’ inability to deal with reality is practically unquestionable at this point. Lately, Democrats are struggling to endure with Hillary’s whining.

Perhaps the most ironic thing about the whole ordeal, however, is Hillary Clinton and her ilk are behaving exactly as they said Donald Trump and his supporters would if he lost—like children.

Political pundit Jesse Watters recently made this astute observation—it couldn’t be more accurate. “Hillary is behaving exactly how Trump was going to behave if he lost,” Watters noted recently.  [Um... WRONG.] Clinton’s array of excuses to explain her loss have been a hot topic lately, as she’s been blaming just about everyone but herself for her loss on Election Day. After all, it couldn’t possibly be her own fault that she lost. Watters commented that Clinton was “hatching conspiracy theories, saying the system is ‘rigged,’ blaming the media and blaming her own party.”

OK, let's get something straight here: the comparison with Donald Trump's probable reaction if he had lost is not at all accurate.

Does anyone here seriously believe that, had the God-Emperor lost the Great Crusade, he would have spent the next year moping around, whining about it, and casting blame on everyone but himself?

Now make no mistake, Donald Trump certainly has a colossal ego. All ur-Alpha males do. Their planet-sized egoes drive them to be the best, and they genuinely love to win.

President Trump evidently does not take kindly to losing or being thwarted; everything that I have seen of him indicates that he has a positively volcanic temper that can easily be set off by anyone who mocks him or, worse, is disloyal to him. Since I prize loyalty and truthfulness myself above almost all other personal virtues, I understand exactly where he is coming from.

However, none of these shortcomings change the fact that Donald Trump is a vastly better loser than the Hilldebeast will ever be.

The God-Emperor has made and lost fortunes throughout his life. He is an exceptionally skilled self-promoter who has nonetheless encountered numerous setbacks during his business career, and in his personal life.

He has met every crisis that he has been faced with, and he has triumphed over them all.

And everything that I have seen of Donaldus Triumphus tells me that when he loses, he certainly gets angry and he certainly vents his frustrations- but then he sucks it up and takes it like a man.

In other words, he accepts his losses, takes his lumps, learns his lessons, and works even harder to get what he wants.

What he doesn't do is wallow in misery and then go around making excuses for himself, blaming everyone and everything else beside his own flaws for his failures.

Sure, he lashes out and blames the media for their horribly biased coverage of him. But then, anyone with the sense that God gave a honey badger can see that the media is the enemy of the American people, and has been for decades.

Judging on the basis of simple integrity and adult behaviour alone, President Trump is far better suited for his office than the Bitch ever was.

And as for the Hilldebeast herself- what does it say about her that the only thing she seems capable of doing since her epic electoral defeat last November is whine and moan about how horrid the big bad mean jock was to her?

Heartiste/Roissy/whoever-the-hell-he-really-is called it perfectly over a year ago when he pointed out that 2016 amounted to a choice between the nerdy, awkward, socially maladapted class valedictorian, and the extremely overconfident, exceptionally popular, but deeply flawed Alpha jock who has strong propensities for lashing out and bullying those weaker than him.

Unsurprisingly, the Alpha jock won. What is surprising is the extent to which the nerdy ugly girl refused to accept her defeat with anything resembling grace and dignity.

Remember that this is the same Hilldebeast that insisted on telling us on the campaign trail that she would be able to stand up to the worst dictators and tyrants and evil-doers in the world and stare them down. It turns out that she cannot even accept her own failures, let alone stare down anyone or anything else.

Can you imagine how feckless and useless she would have been in a real crisis? Like, say, several massive hurricanes hitting the southern coastal states in the space of a month?

The reality is that the Bitch has no really great accomplishments to her name. She got to where she is today on the strength of her husband's name and (overly inflated) reputation. She is perhaps the most venal, vindictive, corrupt, ill-tempered, viciously immoral, and downright dangerous person ever to campaign for the office of President.

And anyone who voted for her and has the self-awareness of a gnat ought, by rights, to take his or her right hand, stick it out to the side of his or her face, and then slap that face extremely hard, for the crime of being so colossally stupid as to vote for this sorry excuse for a human being.


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