Shitlord in Chief

The supporters of the God-Emperor of Mankind continue to show us that, yet again, that nobody out-trolls the Troll King:
Just hours after returning to Washington, DC from flood-ravaged regions of Texas and Louisiana, President Donald Trump retweeted a meme poking fun at Hillary Clinton's newest memoir

As far as I am concerned, I am quite fed up of listening to the Hilldebeast's constant whining and bleating about how that big bad meanie Donald Trump somehow stopped her from achieving her pre-ordained and anointed coronation.

The Bitch lost because she was quite simply a HORRIBLE candidate for President. She was (and is) elitist, out of touch, hopelessly unsuited for the rigours and stresses of the Presidency, and utterly incapable of displaying anything resembling a moral character.

Her shrill, nasal voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard to at least half of the country- the half that isn't yet completely pozzed out by the legacy media and that feels like it has been forgotten by the establishment in the Capitol.

She is the living embodiment of everything that the American people hate about that very establishment- its corruption, its cronyism, its self-assured smugness, its utterly sincere belief in its own moral superiority, its insatiable greed and lust for power, and its refusal to look at the average American as anything better than an unthinking stupid sheep that votes for whoever gives it the most fodder through the tax system.

In 2016, a huge segment of the American people rose up and said, "ENOUGH". They were looking for someone with new and better ideas, someone who could at least convincingly pretend that he was not part of the Establishment, and someone who would refuse to back down from a hard and vicious fight.

They got the God-Emperor.

Donald Trump is, as I have said for nearly two years now, very far from perfect. There is a lot about him that I do not like or understand- starting with his seeming inability to make up his mind about which advisers he actually wants to listen to. But he is a far better bet than the alternative.

Donald Trump is not America's saviour. We of the hard Right recognise this. His Administration is merely "[o]ne last blade forged in defiance of fate", one last possible way for the epic dream that was the American Revolution to save itself.

Perhaps that quest is doomed to failure. It would certainly seem that way, given that Donald Trump is at best a civic nationalist when the tides are clearly shifting towards ethnic nationalism- an ethos that has no tolerance for the stupidity of "magic dirt theory" and which is willing, and able, to use appalling violence to achieve its ends if necessary.

This country is breaking itself apart thanks to the evil works of people like the Hilldebeast. The dream that once guided America, of a free and sovereign people led by God Himself, is dead and gone, and what is left in its place is little better than a shambolic, rotting, barely animated corpse.

Donald Trump, Shitlord-in-Chief, cannot save America. No one man or woman can, not anymore. There is no Cincinnatus for us to tear weeping from his plow to take charge of the legions and save this new Rome. The best we can hope for is that, at some point, a Sulla or a Caesar will rise up- preferably from the ranks of the American military, most preferably from the Army or Marine Corps- to fundamentally alter the character of the nation and force power back into the hands of the forgotten men and women of this land, where it always should have been.

Perhaps then the dream that was America can be saved. But that is a forlorn hope at best.

In the meantime, we must do what we can with what we have.

And what we have is a President who has already proven himself to be more conservative, better organised, more focused in a crisis, and more capable of getting things done through the Executive branch, than any of his predecessors since Ronald Reagan.


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