Okay, I get it now

The name "Jordan Peterson" has been constantly popping up in the articles of blogs and writers whose work I read frequently, and for quite a long time, I could never figure out why.

After all, who is going to care about some Canadian clinical psychologist with a somewhat high-pitched voice and an odd manner about him that I can only describe as "elbow-patched" talking about highfalutin topics that the vast majority of people do not know, understand, or care about?

Turns out, however, that Prof. Peterson is an absolute intellectual powerhouse.

I finally gave him a fair go after that whole flap about him calling the MGTOW crowd a bunch of pathetic weasels. I was greatly amused by his characterisation of the MGTOWs as such, mostly because a huge number of self-professed MGTOW types got their panties in a bunch about what he said.

I happen to think that Prof. Peterson made a valid, though not sound, point regarding the MGTOW crowd.

I have often stated here that I have immense sympathy for MGTOW types, who have simply sworn off long-term relationships with Western women, or in the most extreme cases, simply refuse to have anything to do with women altogether. I completely understand why.

You see, I've actually tried dating Western, or at least Westernised, women. It hasn't gone well.

(I've also tried dating women from other cultures, including a kind-of-sort-of long distance thing with a truly stunning, but extremely complicated, woman from Eastern Europe. That didn't go well either, so it's not just Western women that are the problem.)

So I know what the MGTOW crowd are on about when they scream about how horrid modern women are.

I also get, entirely, why this makes MGTOWs look like, well, "pathetic weasels" to outsiders who haven't given up on the idea of relationships, long-term monogamy, and marriage.

But when Jordan Peterson generalised the MGTOW crowd in totality as "pathetic weasels", he went way too far. There are simply too many high-quality men who have consciously chosen to go MGTOW to dismiss them as such. These men have often been highly successful with women in the past- Captain Capitalism and Terrence Popp and YouTuber MGTOW 101 come to mind- and have decided to be sovereign over their own lives and fortunes instead of risking both on women who are given every possible incentive these days to destroy their lives.

To his immense credit, Prof. Peterson stated clearly that he regretted his wording and retracted that statement.

And that's when I started paying attention to him.

It's a very good thing that I did, and that I paid attention to my friend LastRedoubt when he started singing Prof. Peterson's praises, because DAMN is he smart:

Prof. Peterson has an extremely rare skill. He is able to take concepts from across multiple disciplines and fields and weave them together into incredibly powerful insights into the human condition. He is exceptionally articulate and very thoughtful in his presentation, and he appears to be one of the very, very few intellectually honest atheists out there.

He's so good at pulling disparate threads together, in fact, that he even makes hard-core warriors sit up and think, "hey, this nerd actually gets it, he understands why men need to fight":

Stefan Molyneux, Vox Day, and now Jordan Peterson too. While not all of these men identify as being part of the "Alt-Right", they all share a common devotion to the spreading of Truth, and they do it to the very best of their (immense) individual ability.

With that kind of intellectual firepower on our side, we of the hard Right are going to have to do something monumentally stupid to lose the war of ideas. Hell, we are already winning as more and more men, and women, realise that they've been told lies their entire lives about how to behave and act.

Prof. Peterson has certainly won me over as a subscriber. He's every bit as good at ripping apart the intellectual vacuities and falsehoods of the Left as Stefan Molyneux is, but he delivers his message in more accessible chunks, as opposed to those hour-long ramblings of his more philosophical counterpart.


  1. Heh. Good stuff. And thank you for the props.

    I spread his praises far and wide.

    Someone who anyone from reprobates like us to brilliant fucking guys like Eric Raymond can find wisdom in is worth at least paying attention to.

  2. Eduardo the Magnificent14 September 2017 at 13:48

    I went through the entire Maps of Meaning lecture series this summer. Peterson gets it. He's not hacking at the leaves like most of the Manosphere. He's hacking at the root: tell the truth. Clean Your Room. The reason the lefties aren't attacking him as of late is because by telling the truth the way he does, they see instantly that their ideology is shit, and they abandon it. Sperging doesn't work. Brutally honest speech does.


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