It's really quite simple

One of the loudest complaints that you will hear from blue-pill men these days goes something like this:

Women are all such disloyal bitches! They're totally illogical and they never mean what they say!! They claim to want the good guys, but they always end up going for the bad boys instead!!!

This trope has been dealt with over and over again by far better writers than me, with far more powerful minds.

So I'm not going to write a full-blown essay about what a huge mistake it is to listen to what a woman says, and how a man is far better served by paying attention to what she does.

Nor am I going to write about how women make decisions based far more on how they feel at any given point in time, instead of what is rationally and logically sensible.

And I'm not going to point out that one of the best ways to score lots of pussy is to be, well, a giant dick. (In more elegant terms, this simply means that a man who scores highly on the Dark Tetrad of traits- Narcissism, Machiavellianism, Sociopathy, and Sadism, will generally clean up nicely with girls. And that is true.)

All of these things are explained, beautifully, by that great scene from the 2006 Bond film, Casino Royale:

Okay, let's just get one thing out of the way before continuing:

Caterina Murino might just be the most beautiful woman alive today.

To quote a line from the eminently quotable show, Archer:
"Man, that dress..."

But, really, the clip shows a glimpse at a fundamental truth:

Chicks might say they want good guys, but they actually go for bad boys- because bad boys aren't boring:

So the lesson, as always, is: don't be boring.

Work out. Build muscles. Dress well. Travel. Read. Shoot guns. Drive fast cars- or ride motorcycles. Learn how to fight. Learn how to play an instrument. Learn how to be a good conversationalist. Write. Ski. Learn how to dive. Swim with dolphins.

Just for heaven's sake don't be boring.


  1. That last video.... Gold.

    Translation: Don't be so nice to us. We like it but we're not attracted to men who are. Use us because we like that. Treat us as if we're not important because we're not. And if we are important to you, then you're the one with the problem and you need to find things that are more important than women. Rule over us. Do what you want, not what we want. When we tell you what we want, ignore what we say because we're lying.

    1. Oddly, the OTHER side of dick behavior works pretty well too. Treat her like property and she will act like property. If you put her on a pedestal she will leap to the Thug's pedestal quicker than you can blink. Pedestals are uncomfortable and boring.

      Sometimes it doesn't matter if you make her feel good or feel bad, as long as you make her FEEL.

      It's a real crying shame that spanking your woman when she misbehaves is illegal.

    2. The brunette in the video seems like a nice enough woman, and I won't argue with what she's saying there, but if you watch some of her other videos she stalks about how her husband is her "best friend". That's not how it should be. Your husband is your man lady, find another woman to be your bestie.

      She also appears to have a sizable tat above her left breast in some of her other videos. That's a bad sign. Also the fact that she puts out tons of videos is a bad sign. Attention whoring at its simplest.

    3. All good points.

      On the other hand, she has been married, to a black dude no less, for 10 years. Considering that black men abandon their wives at staggering rates, particularly in miscegenated marriages, that is pretty impressive.

      And in the one or two videos in which her husband has appeared (I think one was deleted), he comes across as a highly conservative and traditional character.

      As always, judge a woman by what she does, not what she says. While she produces a lot of videos, and while initially NollaGirl's dress sense was indeed slightly risque, she evidently walks the talk when it comes to marriage and family and loves her husband and her children.


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