It must have been those damn Amish again

There was a bit of a palaver across the Pond in old Blighty this morning when a rather cheeky fellow brought along a firecracker of some sort and placed it on a train in Parsons Green, causing a spot of bother for a number of commuters.

For my American readers, I should point out that this is how your stereotypical stiff-arsed Oxbridge-educated Brit would render the following sentiment:

A manhunt is underway after an improvised explosive device failed to fully detonate on a London underground train, filling carriages with “acrid smoke” and injuring dozens.

Several witnesses and media have reported that passengers have suffered “facial burns”, with authorities confirming that 29 people were injured, mostly from flash burns, but none seriously.

The device was described as a white builders’ bucket in a foil-lined bag with wires coming out of the side and fire from the top. Sources are reporting the device had a timer.

Once again, we are subjected to the depressingly familiar spectacle of the West's media desperately tying itself into ever more convoluted knots of rhetoric to avoid coming to the glaringly obvious conclusion.

You see, they cannot possibly state the deductively logical conclusion that this latest (mostly failed) attack was the work of MOOSE LIMBS born and brought up in the United Kingdom. That would be RACIST! and ISLAMOPHOBIC!!!, and being good sheep that the British are, that would simply not be cricket, eh, what?

So we are forced, yet again, to believe that the jihadi asshats who carried out this attack- and richly deserve to be forcibly evicted from their meat suits in order to meet their "god" and their 72 grapes virgins- were motivated by nothing more than frustration and boredom.

Nowhere and at no time are we allowed to state the logically straightforward conclusion that they were inspired to attempt this atrocity because of the religion of so-called "peace".

Nor are we allowed to point out that this same religion of "peace" is completely and fundamentally incompatible with Western civilisation, and therefore it, and most of its adherents, must therefore be expelled from the lands of the West forthwith.

And we are certainly not allowed to point out that this is at least the third major attack in London this year alone. Or that Europe has suffered an Islamist attack something like once every 12 days this year so far.

What, I wonder, could be the motivation for these troubled young men to launch these attacks? I mean, it's not like they are Muslims, after all, right? They must be some of the damn Amish, and there is clearly something in their organically churned buttermilk that is making them all ornery.

At some point, the face of human stupidity inevitably runs straight into the iron fist of reality, and teeth and jawbones shatter in the process, along with all of the idiotic illusions that allowed Europeans to remain completely oblivious for so bloody long.

At this rate, Anders Breivik, mass murderer, is going to be remembered as a European hero within our lifetimes. And sooner or later, the same white skinheads and neo-Nazis that the Brits and Germans love to hate (with, in my opinion, good reason), will soon be regarded as the only sane people left in European lands plainly gone completely and totally mad with the disease of multiculturalism.

God help Europe if these people do not wake up. The toll of blood and death that will come from the inevitable reaction of the shrinking pool of white Europeans is going to be worse than anything that we can imagine, unless Islam is forcibly evicted from European lands within the next decade.


  1. That's 72 goats, man.

    You're absolutely right though. Just can't trust those damn Amish.

    No surprise that the firecracker failed, too. The Amish have yet to acknowledge that the button exists. Firecrackers are a bit beyond their technical abilities, y'know.

    (More seriously, I have to wonder at the incompetence displayed. This stuff isn't hard to do. When I was twelve I made a half-kilo of gunpowder in the garden shed at home - and I sure as hell ain't no supra-genius, just a curious kid.)


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