Friday T&A: Naturally gifted Edition

Chaps, I believe that I speak for all of us manly men of manliness when I say that girls with real curves are a LOT of fun.

A brief note for the easily confused: I am not referring to fat hambeasts like Amy Schumer who think that being overweight is attractive. I am referring instead to women who have assets in all of the right places.

To that end, enjoy the following selection of epic feminine beauty courtesy of our friends at

And in case anyone is wondering, yes, this is my absolute favourite part of the blog too. It makes writing all the more worthwhile.

Happy Friday, boys. Time to head to an Irish pub for some beers and a burger. Let's hope that this time, the fightin' Irish remember to leave their shillelaghs behind...

Sexy Curvy Girls. (1)

Sexy Curvy Girls. (3)

Sexy Curvy Girls. (8)

Sexy Curvy Girls. (11)

Sexy Curvy Girls. (20)

Sexy Curvy Girls. (22)

Sexy Curvy Girls. (34)

BONUS- Yep, that's what we're all thinking too, my dear:

Boobs and cleavage - Happy Day! (18)


  1. The last picture made me remember an ex-girlfriend I had. 40s, Chinese, a big A-cup, pretty woman. Anytime she'd see another Asian, but particularly Chinese, woman with more than a B, the claws would come out and the "I wish I had her boobs" sighing would come out. The look on the A-cup in the last picture is exactly that look: "Those are just so freaking huge.... why can't I have them?"

  2. Rebel Gypsy girl is actually scary but the superficial beauty on the rest of the girls is actually grade A material.

    On a side note, I have started watching anime shows again and I got a very sudden urge to binge on 'Death Note'. If you watch any can you do any reviews? By the end of this week I'm finishing with this one and I need some fresh material for the down times :s

    1. If you watch any can you do any reviews?

      No problem, mate )


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