Friday T&A: Inopportune Selfie Edition

Back when Hurricane Irma was approaching the Caribbean and southern Gulf states- no, not those Gulf states, the American ones that actually believe in God and guns and proper civilisation- a few Instatarts decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to go a-whoring for attention by posting photos of themselves in skimpy bathing suits.

Now, being a red-blooded dude myself, I certainly don't have problems with hot women posing up a storm. But even I'm willing to admit that they probably chose a really stupid way to communicate their prayers and concerns.

But, hey, they got attention, so mission accomplished, I suppose. They simply shouldn't expect any of us guys to look at them as anything much more than pump-and-dump material as a result. All they really proved is that they've got more tits than sense.

OK, time to get serious for a moment. If any of you reading this saw your properties damaged or had to evacuate due to Hurricane Irma, please let me know in the comments below and see if you can send me a link to a Christian charity near you. I'll gladly spare a few coins to help you out- because that is what we Men of the West do. We look out for each other and we keep each other strong.

In the meantime, let us take a moment to spare an eyeful for one of the women who thought it would be such a brilliant idea to go hamming it up for likes. (See what I did there?)

Happy Friday, boys. Stay safe, stay dry, and keep the faith.


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