Friday T&A: Dallas via Kiev Edition

Last week's post in this much-beloved series was inspired- if that's the right word- by a bit of stupidity on the part of a few Instawhore models who decided to pose up a storm right as an actual storm was about to turn the Caribbean into (more of) a wasteland.

Among those, er, "models"- come on, we all know what they REALLY do with all of those Instagay likes- was one Lana Alexandra, a very fetching lady from (of course) Ukraine who now lives in Dallas and makes a living doing... well, it ain't rocket science.

I mean, seriously, read some of the captions on her Instaham photos and you'll quickly find yourself wanting to hit something because they are so ridiculously pretentious.

Fortunately, Ms. Alexandra's looks more than make up for her lack of judgement and good taste.

To those of you still hurting as a result of the hurricanes that have body-slammed the continental US over the last few weeks- my prayers and good wishes are with you, and my money follows. As I said last week, if anyone knows of a good Christian charity in Florida that he is willing to recommend, please pass it on and I'll be more than happy to kick in some cash of my own to help out those who are suffering out there.

In the meantime, let us all take a moment to be thankful for what we have. Praise the Lord, pass the beer, and thank God for beautiful women.

Even the ones without the tact and sense that the Almighty gave a frightened skunk.

Oh, all right, one more, just because it's awesome:


  1. Even the ones without the tact and sense that the Almighty gave a frightened skunk.

    Or less sense that a sack of anvils covered in a tangy cheese sauce.

    My hormones say 'yes' while my restructured brain says 'Next!"

    At least she shows a small modicum of trigger discipline. +1 for that.


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