And about damn time too

The snarky, annoying, virtue-signalling subtext aside, it is certainly good for Millennials to eat a bit of crow once in a while:

Yes, I know, that video was actually intended as an act of sarcastic defiance in the face of the growing (and, in my opinion, perfectly justified) backlash against the Millennial generation.

That doesn't change the fact that the Millennial generation is on course to exceed the Baby Boomers when it comes to the depths of their narcissism, lack of accomplishment, and willingness to blame anyone but themselves for their own failings.

Look, I get it. I was born right at the beginning of the time-span that typically identifies the "Millennial" cohort. I came of age in a time of never-ending war, just a few years after 9/11. I started working right when the gigantic property and asset bubble created over the course of 25 years of loose monetary policy finally popped.

I lived through the misery and pain of the next five years as the economy limped along. I got laid off from two jobs within the space of 18 months. I saw my bank balance shrink to perilously low levels, even though I had no debt whatsoever and lived frugally.

I watched as Western civilisation began its epic death plunge into the abyss, and I alternate these days between thinking that perhaps parts of it can be saved, and arguing that we're all better off just letting it die already.

So I understand quite well where Millennials come from when they whine about how they are being unfairly put upon, and that their plight isn't really their fault.

The fact is, however, that Millennials have a simply unmatched record of weakness and failure when it comes to their willingness to take charge of their own lives, swallow their own pride, take their lumps, and get on with proving themselves capable of taking on the challenges before them:

Fortunately, not every Millennial is completely clueless about the state of his or her own generation. There are a few that have figured out that maybe, just maybe, Millennials should be a little more grateful for everything that they have been given:

The Millennial generation is not all hopeless and terrible, obviously. There are plenty of great Millennial warriors, entrepreneurs, scholars, writers, and just plain good and decent people that have come out of that cohort. Some of them read this blog- and I have no doubt that they share my contempt for the whiny, narcissistic, social media-obsessed, entitled idiots that make up the rest of their generation.

Like me, such men identify much more strongly with the core values and beliefs of previous generations. Strength. Honour. Courage. Love of family, of country, and of Almighty God. Belief in something bigger and more important than themselves. A willingness to take risks when necessary. A desire to work hard, and well, for a purpose.

Sure, we value our free time and our health and fitness more than previous generations do. I certainly take far better care of my health than my father ever did, for instance, even though in most respects I am basically a carbon copy of him in terms of my value system and my total lack of tolerance for stupidity. But that is to be expected.

Such men do, indeed, stand on the shoulders of giants. And unlike the rest of the Millennials, we understand and respect and appreciate that fact.


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