Acute Trump Derangement Syndrome

Paul Joseph Watson is back after a brief hiatus from the Goolag-controlled YouTube, and in his latest video (as of this writing) he takes aim squarely at vapid, vacuous venting of one Jennifer Lawrence:

The idea that God is somehow punishing America for electing Donaldus Triumphus seems to have caught on among the celebritards of this country. It is the manifestation of a particularly nasty version of Trump Derangement Syndrome, a disease that first made its presence known among the liberal part of the country shortly after the God-Emperor won the nomination for the Republican Party.

TDS was always pretty nasty and pretty ridiculous. Previously it was easy enough to ignore, because people claiming that Trump was out to kill all {insert your own particular minority here} people was so ridiculous on its face.

This is the same President who, as a candidate, campaigned as the most gay-friendly representative of the GOP that the party had ever seen. This is the same President who appointed an incredibly gifted, talented, and accomplished black man as his Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. And this is the very same President who has, by all accounts, done an outstanding job so far organising the Federal response to Hurricane Harvey by giving the good people of Texas aid, relief, and supplies.

In other words, he is faithfully executing his oath of office and carrying out one of the very, very few legitimate functions of the Federal government by helping to protect the American people.

According to liberal logic, this is enough to claim that God is somehow punishing the American people for some imaginary transgression.

Never mind that millions of good and decent people down south are really hurting right now- it's all their own fault for electing President Trump, right???

Honestly, how stupid can liberals be...

Look, all joking and politics aside here- things are really bad for our friends in Texas and Florida right now. If you live down south, within the track of these hurricanes, my prayers and good wishes are with you and your families. Please stay sheltered, stay indoors, and stay safe.

As far as donations and such go, my advice to anyone looking to help out our friends down there is to avoid big charities like the International Red Cross as if they were carriers of the plague. These "charities" do not exist to help others; their primary mission is to help themselves.

I personally recommend donating to the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston to help those suffering from the aftermath of Harvey, and I'll be looking for similar Christian charities down in Florida to help out victims of Irma.

Why? Because, quite apart from my strong sympathies for real Christians in general, I know that those same charities generally work hard to make sure that up to 90% of their received donations go toward helping people.

Please consider doing the same if you have some cash to spare. Donating to these causes doesn't make you and me special or noble or particularly good in any way; they are simply a way of alleviating the pain and suffering of people far less fortunate than ourselves.

Up here in the north, we went through a bit of devastation and suffering ourselves back in 2012 when Sandy hit. What our brothers and sisters are enduring down south now is far, far worse. So please, help them if you can.

And as for you, Ms. Lawrence, and for all of those like you...



  1. Lawrence most effectively demonstrates that she is what she claims to hate: an ignorant backwoods hick with limited brainpower.

    SJWs do project, after all.

    1. The strange thing is that I can clearly remember what a lovely girl-next-door type she seemed to be when she was cast in The Bill Engvall Show as Lauren Pearson. It was a good show, sort of a predecessor to my beloved Last Man Standing in the sense that it starred a pretty conservative family man trying to raise a strong happy family in the modern world. It even had Nancy Traviss playing his wife.

      The Jennifer Lawrence that I remember from about 10 years ago seemed happy, wholesome, pretty, and decent- very close to marriage material.

      The Jennifer Lawrence of today is snarky, angry, deep-voiced (and not in the husky way that I find extremely attractive), sometimes short-haired, tattooed, and happy to post nude pictures of herself on teh interwebz. Pump and dump material, nothing more.


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