A lifetime of war

Sixteen years.

That is how long it has been since the day that the world as we knew it ended.

Sixteen long years since the day that the Twin Towers came crashing down in a horrible spectacle of smoke and fire and death. And yet it feels like it just happened yesterday.

For me it has been quite literally half a lifetime since the day that I trotted down the stairs of that big house that we were living in at the time to find my father and mother transfixed by the images on the TV screen. I have spent eleven of those years living here in the United States of America, watching more or less helplessly as this country that I love slides ever deeper into the abyss of its own destruction.

Every single year of those sixteen, from that day to this one, has been filled with American men (and, sadly, not a few women) going to war, fighting and bleeding and dying in foreign lands, and buying the "freedom" of barbarians without the sense or the intelligence to appreciate it with their own lonely cold graves.

Every single one of those years has been filled with yet more idiotic promises of building free and prosperous democratic nations in parts of the world where democracy is an alien concept.

America has lost far more soldiers in the Rockpile and the Sandbox than all of the people killed on 9/11. Nearly 7,000 of them- almost all of them young men with their entire lives ahead of them- killed in combat against an enemy that this country still refuses to name properly.

And that is before we come to the even more terrible toll of those wounded in war. More than fifty thousand soldiers, overwhelmingly male, wounded. Approximately 10 percent of them suffering the loss of at least one major limb. Thousands of traumatic brain injuries, tens of thousands of cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Lives shattered, human potential squandered, marriages wrecked, families destroyed.

Thousands of veterans of war, who deserve to be treated as heroes and granted decent pensions and disability benefits, thrown out of their homes and onto the streets.

If this is the price of a "war on terror", then by God, it is too high.

The American government, and most of the American people, still insist on thinking of this war as a "War on Terror". This is beyond idiotic. The entire notion of fighting a war on a noun is every bit as stupid as if, on December 8th 1941, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had declared war on the Aichi D3A "Val" carrier-borne bombers that helped to smash the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbour the day before. It's a complete non sequitur.

Let us be perfectly clear about one thing: America, and the entirety of Western civilisation, is at war with Islam.

It might seem strange to argue that dying and degenerate secular Western democracies are at war with an entire religion. This discomfort comes from the fact that few Westerners understand that Islam is NOT a religion first. It is a political ideology first, and a religion second.

There is no separation between church and state in Islam. The Christian doctrine of the "two swords", or the notion that one should "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and render unto God what is God's", does not exist within Islam.

That perverted "faith" is most accurately understood not as a separate religion, per se, but rather as an extremely violent and unfortunately extremely successful Christian heresy that is rooted in the Reform Judaism of a Christian splinter sect known as the Ebionites.

(Don't like my take on it? Go right ahead and read the Koran, or at least the relevant bits of it that are not subject to the Islamic doctrine of abrogation.)

The Western world has vast advantages of resources, materiel, technology, and (at least in the case of the American and British militaries) considerable and very hard won experience with fighting difficult guerrilla wars. If Western politicians and electorates truly wanted to turn the Islamic world into a parking lot, it would absolutely be within their power to do so.

Yet Westerners cower in fear before the barbarian hordes from the Africa, the Arab Orient, and what used to be known as Persia. We refuse to name the enemy for what it is, and we refuse to fight it on our terms rather than its own.

We refuse to acknowledge the power that their perverse faith gives them, while we do everything possible to destroy the advantages and bonds that the True Faith of Christianity gives us here at home.

We hasten to commit civilisational suicide by dismantling the very institutions that have proven to be our most effective safeguards against invasion and war from without, and against civic unrest and decay from within.

Our leaders send our sons and, increasingly, our daughters to fight wars without purpose and without end. Every time the next round of elections is held, the candidates always promise to end these endless wars and bring our troops home. And every time they actually get elected, they end up making the same old mistakes for the same old stupid reasons.

One is almost tempted to think that the elites who run the Western nations are deliberately working to destroy those same countries...

We now have a generation coming of age that has known literally nothing but a lifetime of war- but not the kind of war that directly and personally affected them.

That generation has not known what it is like to live under siege every hour of every day, and thank God Almighty for that. But they also have not known what it is like to have a government that respects the rights of its citizens, that avoids spying on its own people, and that keeps the barbarians in the stinking, dirty hellholes that they created for themselves and outside the city walls.

They have not known what life was like before the rat-bastards at Homeland Security and the TSA decided to treat every single air traveler as a potential criminal and terrorist and concluded that the best way to keep us all safe was to subject us to humiliating poses in those stupid RapiScan (Rapey-Scan?) machines, and then gave themselves the power to pat us down for any arbitrary reason whatsoever.

What, I wonder, will become of them when they achieve majority and electoral power? What choices will they make, never knowing what it was like to live once upon a time in a free country? Will they seek out that freedom on their own and restore it to its proper place? Or, far more likely, will they simply assume that living paralysed as slaves of fear, fighting the wrong enemy and completely the wrong kind of war, is all that there is?

All of us who grew up in the aftermath of 9/11 remember exactly where we were the day that the towers went down. The images of people jumping eighty stories to their deaths to escape burning alive come to us in our worst nightmares. The apocalyptic visions of those giant clouds of black and grey smoke drifting across lower Manhattan linger at the edges of our minds. The gut-wrenching horror and impotent rage that we felt when first one and then another tower telescoped into its own base still marks us.

And that is just us civilians. That is before we get to the first responders who were there trying desperately to get people out- and who died that day in their hundreds when the towers finally fell. God only knows what they feel every year when they remember their fallen brothers.

Sixteen years of war without end, without victory, without dignity.

Please, God, let us have done with it. Let the price that we have already paid in blood, treasure, and innocence be enough. Let us have, if not peace, then at least some measure of closure.


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