The saddest words a woman can utter

Gentlemen, what is the most depressing thing that you have ever heard a woman say?

To be clear, I'm not talking about words that shock you with their profanity or vulgarity- such as when the town bike walks into the local watering hole and gives graphic and unasked-for details of her latest sexual exploits.

Nor am I talking about the balls-shrinking effect that your woman can have on you when she utters the dreaded phrase, "We Need To Talk". If things have gotten to that point, it's better than even money that you knew beforehand how that conversation was going to play out.

It isn't even the words, "I want a divorce". Those words are not going to depress you, at least not right away. They will enrage you. They might break you. They could drive you to madness. And of course, these days, odds are pretty damned high that your wife WILL say these words to you, even if your game is tight and you don't subscribe to the lunacy of NAWALT.

No, the words that I am talking about are simply soul-killing in a very different way.

Consider: what do you feel when you listen to a beautiful woman between the ages of 28 and 35 say these words-

I hate children, I don't ever want to have kids. Or if I do have kids, I'm going to have them raised by nannies so that I can do my own thing. I will never sacrifice my lifestyle for the sake of children.

I have heard almost these exact words coming from the mouth of a truly beautiful woman in her mid-thirties recently. And I have to admit, it hit me hard.

One has to translate from modern womanspeak into realtalk in order to understand why.

One doesn't need Google Translate for this. It is a simple one to decompose: "I am a woman who puts no value on my most important quality, and I never want to know the greatest happiness that a woman can experience."

There are two parts to that translation, so let's break it down carefully.

The first part refers to the one and only thing that a woman can do, which no man can ever do: conceive, carry to term, and give birth to, new human life.

It is a hard law of biology that sperm is cheap and eggs are expensive. That is the fundamental reason why men are considered the "expendable" sex.

Men can be sent to die in our hundreds and thousands on distant battlefields, to freeze in the Arctic winters and boil in the desert summers, to break our backs working in the fields doing stoop-work that ages you fast and kills you young. (Just ask any Mexican illegal-immigrant farm worker- oh, wait, I forgot, the correct term for them is "Undocumented Workers" or some such bullshit, right?)

We are expendable. We are the romantics, the idealists, the creators and the destroyers who will go to just about any lengths necessary to score some tail- because that, ultimately, is the only way for most of us to achieve immortality, by passing on our genes to sons and daughters who will carry on when we are dead and gone.

But the cold reality is that many men will not get this opportunity- because, again, we are expendable. It is not at all necessary for most men to procreate in order for their tribes to survive and endure; a tribe can get away with roughly one man per ten or even fifteen women, fathering most of the children in harems.

Women, however, are precious. They, and only they, have the ability to bring forth the next generation. And until artificial wombs and actively controlled male contraception in the form of a male version of The Pill come along, women have complete control over procreation.

That inherent value of women is the reason why women and children are still given priority over men in disaster situations. Men are expected and required to risk our lives for the sake of our women.

That, of course, is exactly how it should be.

Having thus explained the first part of that statement, it is necessary to examine the second one. And on the surface it seems... well, controversial, to say the least, to claim that the greatest joy a woman can have is to bear children.

After all, I'm a dude. What right do I have to speak on the subject? What right does any man have to tell women not to focus on their careers and lifestyles? Surely women have the right to live as they please and do what they feel is best for themselves?

My answer to this last, in particular, is: of course they do. What annoys me, though, is this ever-prevalent notion in their heads that they can still "have it all" and never compromise.

This is nonsense. Compromise and sacrifice are at the very core of childbearing.

The question that women have to ask themselves, therefore, is whether those sacrifices are worth the pain and cost and discomfort and difficulty of bringing children into the world and raising them right.

To this I can only relate a personal anecdote.

I was walking last Sunday along the riverside boardwalk near where I live, under glorious sunshine after a hard workout. Couples and families were out there enjoying the evening just like I was. Presently I observed a gaggle of Indians coming toward me, a full family unit of them, complete with grandparents, parents, and two little kids.

The grandparents and the husband were of no interest to me. What caught my eye was the young mother, holding her three-year-old daughter in her arms and swinging her from side to side.

There was a look of joy on her face that I will not soon forget.

She was as happy as I have ever seen any woman. The last time that I saw a look of such pure, transcendental joy on a woman's face was more than 6 years ago when I attended a college classmate's wedding in Hawaii. This young lady had eyes only for her daughter, this little girl of hers with a smile as wide as the river I was walking along and as bright as the Sun whose rays we were all enjoying.

Mother and child were laughing, happy, and joyful. It was the purest expression of love that a man could hope to see.

In case you are wondering what it looks like, have a look at Ivanka Trump's face from back when she was playing on the White House lawn with her daughter Arabella a few months ago:

What a woman is really saying when she says that she doesn't ever want to have children is that she never wants to experience that kind of joy, that feeling of love and happiness.

It is difficult for me to think of anything that could be more saddening than this, coming from a woman's mouth. Why would a woman deliberately refuse to partake in such joy? Why would a woman simply refuse to take pride in that which makes her precious and valuable?

There are many answers, and they all lead back to the lies of feminism and the folly of pretending that women can and should be just as educated, just as accomplished, and just as career-oriented as men. These things are all lies, and like most lies that are left to run unchecked, they eventually lead to a slow death of the soul- because deep down, we can see that the world around us does not match the lies that we have been told.

I feel genuine sorrow for the woman who said those words above to me. I hope and pray that she will one day know the joy that I see on the faces of women at play with their little ones. But I'm not holding my breath; some lies simply run too deep for anyone to counter the poison through externally administered doses of the truth.

Sometimes one just has to let the lie run its course. I wonder, though, how much pain could be avoided if only the lie was never allowed to take hold in the first place.


  1. I am so tired of this, these days I openly tell young women how disgusting their tattoos are. What I am observing from this is that due to hypergamy and their selfishness, they do not see and will not bother to see what consequences of their actions are. It is as though they are very easily led by the nose and just follow the herd and with 3rd wave feminism among the millennial women, the lack of family formation is spreading very fast. What is really interesting is that, even conservative women are following the career track taking full advantages of the gynocentric system, putting off marriage and family formation. I seriously wonder if the Lauren Southern's, Brittainy Pettibone's and the alt-right women, how feministic they are? Needless to say, these women are giving relationship advice to other women themselves are single!! The cancer of feminism has spread far too wide and deep, like communism it make take another 70yrs to collapse.

    1. I am so tired of this, these days I openly tell young women how disgusting their tattoos are.

      Good. Shaming is a powerful tactic and should be used on women wherever possible.

      It is as though they are very easily led by the nose and just follow the herd

      Women are unquestionably more prone to being creatures of the herd than men. It is a consequence of their greater sensitivity to emotional cues and increased sociability relative to us. Normally this is no bad thing- but when terminally stupid ideologies like feminism take hold, it becomes a suicidal tendency.

      I seriously wonder if the Lauren Southern's, Brittainy Pettibone's and the alt-right women, how feministic they are? Needless to say, these women are giving relationship advice to other women themselves are single!!

      Yes. There is an incongruity in their message that they themselves must address, and they must do it quickly.

      Other right-wing female personalities, like Faith Goldy of and NollaGirl504, who are married and in the latter case have children, may be better investments of your time to watch their output.

      The cancer of feminism has spread far too wide and deep, like communism it make take another 70yrs to collapse.

      I am betting that it will collapse much sooner than that. We are already seeing the pendulum swinging the other way, hard, across the Western world. It hasn't picked up sufficient momentum yet to shatter the madness of feminism and equalitarianism, but it is plain to all with eyes to see that Western society is decaying from within while under assault by external forces. All it will take is a truly severe crisis- probably in the form of secession by several states here in the US, and by nations from the EU in Europe.

  2. I travel to many different client’s offices around the UK and find it easy to strike up conversations with women ‘of a certain age’. I see too many late thirties and early forties women who all to often tell the same story. Single, or in a relationship going nowhere, childless – and this shocked me the first time I realized it – ashamed.

    Ashamed of their femininity. Think about that for a second.

    In some segments of the female population it’s easy to see this shame – obesity, piercings and tattoos are all manifestations of it. But it often goes undetected is more ‘regular’ looking women. But it’s there, by the way their face falls when you ask if they have kids, and the way their expression changes when you ask what their plans are for the weekend. They may attempt to laugh off or dismiss their situation but most, it seems to me, truly want, or wanted, a husband / partner and children - but have been taught that such feelings, perfectly natural feminine emotions, are somehow, weak, and 'wrong'.

    This speaks to many things we talk about in the manosphere; the power of the herd, the toxicity of feminism, the craven need in women to be led - even when it leads to their own destruction. This is how far women have fallen, and Dear God.,are they paying the price.

    1. Yes. And it is terrible to watch. Like you, I see a lot of women in their late thirties and early forties dedicated to their careers. And like you, I see the unhappiness and pain deep in their eyes. That pain is the direct result of the severe conflict caused by their innate desire for the comfort and security of a relationship with a good man, and their feminist programming forcing them to be career-oriented STRONG EMPOWERED WOMEN.

      Happy endings are few and far between for such women, sad to say.

  3. I will tell you from personal experience that the saddest thing to hear from a niece or daughter is "From now on, I want you to call me James".


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