Taking the class clowns to school

The more I see of the way that White House Adviser Stephen Miller handles a hostile and embarrassingly partisan lying press, the more I am impressed:

Mr. Miller is certainly nobody's idea of an epic badass. He's balding, wiry, slightly sunken-chested, pale of complexion, and speaks in a mild tenor rather than an intimidating baritone.

But he can certainly chuck rhetorical hand-grenades when necessary.

The manner in which he eviscerated that irritating Gamma male NYT reporter's constant interruptions and flow of whiny rhetoric was quite something to behold. If that had been a real fight, it would have been like watching one man slip, weave, and roll with a one-two-three combo and then smash a mailed fist right into the other's face.

This is how you win against the Left: with a combination of calm reason, careful analysis, a slight smile- and bare-knuckled aggression, disguised subtly as mockery.

That latter quality, in particular, seems to trigger liberaltards like nothing else can. I've seen this time and again whenever CNN reporters try to interrupt or shout down the God-Emperor, for instance; he simply swats them aside and calls them "Fake News", and they go into full-on SJW crybully meltdown, complete with spontaneous rage-vomiting.

Mr. Miller is to be commended for the way that he fought off his critics during that press briefing. The Trump Administration certainly has plenty of faults and has a long way to go before it can be considered a true success- but so far it looks like the return of the Alpha males to their rightful leadership positions within various departments of the Administratum is having a salutory effect upon the abilities of its operatives and public faces.


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