Stop cucking, gentlemen

Some of our more genteel friends over on the old Right still don't seem to understand what it will take to win the war for the culture when every major platform out there appears to be rushing towards social justice convergence:

Okay, look, enough of this nonsense already.

I have tremendous respect for Bill Whittle, Steve Green, and even Scott Ott. I am one of the subscribers to that made that video possible. Bill is a true patriot and an eloquent and intelligent defender of freedom who understands that the Right is not going to win the war for the culture by funding a bunch of think tanks and giving policy speeches.

But their approach of complaining about what Google, Facebook, and Apple are doing, and their proposal to "write to your Congressman!" to fix these obvious problems, is stuck in the past.

The Congresscritters are not going to fix these problems of censorship, de-platforming, and demonetisation- not when the companies in question are some of the biggest by market capitalisation and the most cash-rich in the world. Politicians can be bought off quite easily, and any regulation designed to force Google to act like a public utility will almost certainly be killed well before it reaches a floor vote.

These problems are not going to be solved politically. It's just not going to happen.

After James Damore's Diversitygate memo from last week, Google made it clear exactly which side of the free speech debate it supported, and fired him. The Big G is demonetising conservative and right-wing channels across YouTube in an effort to "control offensive content"- whatever the hell that means- and its aggressive thought-policing attempts are driving true diversity of thought and expression right the hell out of Dodge*.

AirBnB has repeatedly come down on the side of the social justice asshats.

We already know that Facebook internally censors stories that cast the Right in a sympathetic light and tampers with the site views and trending of stories according to the desires of governments.

Patreon has been shutting down the accounts of Alt-Lite and Alt-Right personalities, strangling their sources of funds. PayPal has been doing the same thing.

Everywhere we look, the major tech companies are becoming more and more converged, and driven by a social justice agenda rather than simply providing services to end-users regardless of ideology or point-of-view.

The way forward is not to wring our hands helplessly and bleat about how Congress needs to get involved.

The one thing that I agree with our older friends on is the notion that companies like Google can and should be turned into public utilities.

How does someone like me- an ardent free-marketeer who believes that government best serves people by getting the hell out of the way- square this particular circle?

It's simple. Playing by the rules of the free market has to work both ways.

The Left has already made it perfectly clear that they can and will use the power of the State to force companies to do their bidding. They have no problem using State-monopolised force to require Christian bakeries to bake wedding cakes for sodomites and rug-munchers, for instance.

They similarly have few issues with the utter silliness of "yes means yes" laws that make it impossible for men to have sex without explicitly recording the act and getting forms signed in triplicate before coitus even begins.

And they certainly have no qualms about using the law to regulate "hate speech"- which is in reality merely free speech and is, or was, protected under the First Amendment.

The Left has long since abandoned any pretence at civilised or honourable combat. There is no point whatsoever in attempting to fight strictly by Queensbury Rules when your opponent inserts iron weights into his gloves and uses elbows, hits well below the belt, and even bites you.

Indeed, to extend an already perhaps overused metaphor somewhat, if your enemies are bombing you with mustard gas, standing around shaking your head and saying, "awfully unsporting, old chap", is a great way to lose.

Bombing them back ten times as hard with, say, VX, is a rather more sensible solution to the problem.

The answer for the Alt-Right is clear: if the converged tech world insists on trying to chase us out and remove our platforms, then we have no choice but to find and build new ones.

Your part starts today.

Instead of Google's official Chrome browser, use Chromium instead- which is the completely open-source version of it, is freely available, and allows you to use a non-Google search engine.

Or use Pale Moon, which is a Firefox derivative without Mozilla's stupid SJW-converged bloatware.

Or, best of all, try using Brave, which allows you to control exactly what ads you see- and potentially hits Google right where it hurts, in its most vulnerable point, its AdSense and AdWords revenues.

There are not, yet, any significant alternatives to Gmail. Yahoo! Mail is a shitshow, I hate Microsoft's Outlook Web offering (or whatever it is that they call Hotmail nowadays), and most of the other alternatives are just plain bad. If anyone can suggest an actually functional web-mail alternative that works properly and has good search features, then stick it in the comments below.

In terms of search engines, of course, the best alternative that I have found so far is DuckDuckGo. This is now integrated into every web browser that I use, at home, at work, and on my smartphone. It doesn't track your search history and isn't interested in showing you lots of stupid advertising.

The Alt-Tech revolution has already begun, and we have made great progress with and Infogalactic. I am proud to be one of the Original Galaxians who made Infogalactic possible, in fact. But this is going to be a very long war, and we need to fight it with an eye toward long-term victory.

To that end: if anyone can come up with some useful Alt-Tech platforms, let's hear about them, and then let's start giving them some funding. I'll happily kick in my own money to help fund some of these organisations. I've done it before, and I'll do it again for platforms that offer end-users the combination of speed, stability, user-friendliness, and feature richness that the current abominations are so woefully lacking.

For, unlike our old-school conservative friends up there, we are not going to win this war by sitting around and moaning about it. We will win this war by developing better alternatives.

*I am of course perfectly well aware of the irony involved in the fact that I wrote this post using Google's own Blogger application, and that you are most likely reading this using Google's internally developed Chrome browser. I know that, sooner or later, Google is going to get around to censoring Alt-Right blogs as well as our YouTube channels. When- not if- that day comes, then it will be time to find a new platform, or build my own.


  1. There is no circle to square. ]

    Why this is such a problem is that the Right got sucked into a false dichotomy , unlimited private corporate power of Communist tyrant

    This is bunk.

    Economic Liberalism is just that Liberal, its not Conservative

    Economic Nationalism is Conservative and this means regulating in the Nations interest


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