So basic it hurts

I have said that if you ever want to truly lose hope for humanity, all you have to do is fire up your preferred dating or social media application on your phone and flick through a few of the profiles that you see there. You will see Western women there that have lost any and all sense of dignity, decency, modesty, and femininity.

You will come across tattooed pierced prematurely aged spot-ridden rainbow-haired land whale feminists (Lord, forgive me my redundancies) who will make you reach for the nearest barf bag with just a single glance at their corpulent corn-fed visages.

You will see women who slammed into the dreaded Wall at about 150mph without brakes, who still think that they are as valuable and as attractive as they were in their mid-twenties- and expect to be treated as such, and become incredibly angry when you refuse to do that.

And don't even get me started on the social justice freakazoids. These loonies are the results of the toxic combination of a childhood spent in daycare, an "education" within the disaster that is the American public school system, an indoctrination spell spent within the cultural Marxist fever swamps of the typical American university, and no sense of accountability or responsibility whatsoever.

But the worst of the worst might just be the basic bitches:

I've seen plenty of these women running around in my everyday life. Fortunately I don't have any in my social circle (that I know of, anyway), but my God they are annoying.

The lesson with basic bitches remains the same: by trying to be such a special little snowflake, you actually end up being even less tolerable than everyone else around you. There is nothing "special" about having a nasal voice and using it to talk about essentially nothing of any value whatsoever.

Instead, the advice for women is pretty much what it was a century ago, before the blight of feminism : be pretty; be feminine; watch what you eat and drink so that you don't become a heffalump; improve your mind through reading and learning; improve your overall presentation by learning how to dress well; improve your speech through intelligent conversation with interesting people; and learn how to cook.

Or, the tl;dr version: DON'T BE A BASIC BITCH.


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