Power through death?

No, don't worry, the title isn't what you think. It's just been a while since I posted up some good strong manly heavy metal- the kind designed to put hair on a man's already hirsute chest.

First up- apparently, it is in fact possible to blend power and death metal together without sounding as ridiculously long-winded as, oh, say, DRAGONFORCE:

SPARTAN are a self-proclaimed "power/death metal" outfit from Haarlem in the Netherlands, and I have to say, they're really not bad- if AMON AMARTH-style guttural growls and roars are your sort of thing. (They are very much mine.)

I came across these guys while randomly looking around for some death metal to wake up to this morning, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed.

Their sound is a bit like what would happen if you took FIREWIND (a power metal band) and shot them full of testosterone, a la say TESTAMENT or KREATOR (thrash bands), and then threw in some IMMOLATION-style death metal growling on top of it, and finally wrote entire albums about Greek mythology.

But they've got a long ways to go yet before they match the almighty AMON AMARTH.

Yes, I just posted one song from every single album that they have ever released. (Or at least, I think I did.)

Given how much sheer badassitude is contained therein, are you really going to complain?

Bang your heads, boys, it's Friday. The hawt chicks are coming up later in the day.


  1. I think metal has something to it that resonates with every guy who has enough T-levels to appreciate this type of melody. I listen to one of these songs and I feel like I need to find an enemy and crash his skull :P Just kidding.

    So far you posted a lot of metal throughout your posts, but what's your opinion on the kind of songs that Jesus likes to play? This melody sounds much more delicate than the above songs but for some reason both of them feel timeless.


    1. HAIL AND KILL, fellow brother of metal!!! ))

      I actually have a very high opinion of church hymnals and Christian spiritual music- provided that it is not limp-wristed, sappy, and cheesy. There are lots of really terrible Christian devotional songs that sound like a 13-year-old teenage girl's love poem to Jesus, and I have no patience whatsoever for those.

      But I thoroughly enjoy classical melodies and hymns- the devotional works of Bach and Handel are particular favourites.

      And then there is this:



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