Lady of Pain by Unknown

Lady of the East, thy grey eyes haunt me in my dreams,
Thy words soothe me in the morns and then break me in the eves;
Thy loving voice bids me forth to fulfill thy command --
But thy sweet deadly venom freezes heart and stays mine hand.

Did thou lift up my heart with thy beauty and thy grace?
Or did thou crush my soul, leaving me blinded in thy trace?
The sadness in thine eyes shall always keep us apart --
For I must fall within them and never once reach thy heart.

The sweetness of thy lips, and the soft warmth of thy voice,
My desire for thee burns me and strips away all other choice.

Thy gentle laughter falls on my ears like warm spring rain --
And I drown as I drink deep, crushed beneath this Crown of pain.

Never shall I see thee again, nor ever know thee;
Mine eyes weigh down with grief, yet thou art in all that I see;
Lady of Pain, whose memories now torment me so,
Free me from thy loving curse, and into the cold night, go!


  1. Falling for a slavic girl, are we?

    1. No sir, fortunately I just about managed to get out from under that particular rockslide- thanks, in part, to the advice that you gave me a while back about women from the FSU.


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