"If you're not into metal..."

... then you are not my friend!

Or at least, that is how the excessively oiled up, excessively leather-clad cartoon characters that make up the American metal stalwarts MANOWAR would have you believe they think.

As for me, personally, I really couldn't care less what you enjoy listening to. If you're at a metal concert with me, or you're shoulder-to-shoulder with me when facing down the antifags and the Alt-Left, then we are blood brothers and I don't care what nonsense you listen to in your spare time.

Even if you insist that hip-hop, rap, techno, and EDM are "music".

As for MANOWAR, well, they're about spent as a musical force. They spent most of last year on their farewell tour. They haven't made a good album since Warriors of the World back in 2002. They haven't made a great album since The Triumph of Steel, which was waaaaaay back in 1992.

They are, unquestionably, one of the goofiest bands of all time. I've listened to HAMMERFALL and DRAGONFORCE for years, and I still find both bands to be less silly than MANOWAR. It's simply impossible to listen to Joey DeMaio's lyrics with a straight face, what with all of the swords and sorcery and fighting and war imagery and their non-stop chants about "death to false metal!!!" in their songs- especially when you know what the men of MANOWAR actually do for day jobs.

I've referenced several of their songs before here- because they're still awesome despite the silliness- but here are a few less well known or less played tracks that are nonetheless great displays of the band's speed, technicality, and power.

I think that MANOWAR is unquestionably one of the most ridiculously over-the-top bands in all of human history. And yes, that includes outfits like GWAR. But I also have huge respect for them. Their music always gets me in the mood to throw heavy weights around like an angry gorilla in the gym or go beat up on my buddies on the sparring mat.

So here are some of MANOWAR's better, yet perhaps less well-known, tracks to help us all get Sunday started off right.


  1. I always thought those guys were the real life versions of Spinal Tap or Dethklok.

    1. That is actually a pretty good way of looking at them. More SPINAL TAP than anything else, given how absurdly bad they seem to be at managing their brand and their money.


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