German-style realtalk

Apparently there was a bit of a kerfuffle recently concerning a (really rather well-spoken and eloquent) German teenager who goes by the account handle RageAfterStorm. (Yeah, I know- kids these days...) Her great and terrible thoughtcrime amounted to speaking reams of truth about race, IQ differences, slavery, historical oppression of blacks by whites, and various other forms of extreme badthink.

Take a look at the video that kicked off whatever shitstorm resulted and make up your own mind as to whether she is being racist and extremely offensive, or is merely stating and interpreting facts in a logical and even-handed way:

Yes, her delivery is a bit snarky. Remember, she's a girl. And a teenage one to boot. Teenagers are not exactly known for having a well-developed and sophisticated sense of sarcasm. Expecting a kid like that to come up with bone-dry quips along the lines of, say, P. G. Wodehouse, is perhaps a bit much.

And yes, I can see how some people might interpret her comments as extremely racist and triggering. To those people, I say this: grow the hell up.

What she says in that video is backed up by facts, evidence, research, and observable reality. Facts are not racist, never have been, and never will be. They simply are.

It is not racist to point out that blacks are a minority of the population in the United States but are responsible for a vastly disproportionate amount of violent crime here.

Nor is it racist to point out that blacks have been killing and enslaving each other for centuries, long before honky whites* ever got to Africa.

It is certainly not racist to point out that blacks and especially Arabs were enslaving whites for centuries- over a million such slaves were captured and sent to the Ottoman Empire, for instance, over the course of several centuries, before the Battle of Lepanto forced the Turks back and destroyed a significant amount of their naval capability. That number exceeds by far the roughly 400,000 or so black slaves brought from West Africa to the United States.

And it absolutely is not racist to point out that different races have different average IQs- and that these differences matter when it comes to building and maintaining civilisations, understanding  and applying abstract concepts in mathematics and engineering, and planning for a long-term future.

Why, then, do so many people get "triggered" when they see videos like that one? What exactly is so offensive about them?

A calm and rational statement of facts should not result in apoplectic meltdowns and spontaneous rage-vomiting. There are far worse things in life than having harsh reality pointed out to you.

I'd suggest that anyone who disagrees come and meet me on the sparring mat with some boxing gloves, a mouth-guard, shin protection, head gear, and a groin cup- and then we can see whether being exposed to facts is in any way comparable to having my shin-bone introduce itself to your neck at very high speed.

I imagine that the results would be highly educational to any SJW who finds xim- or xerself triggered by the contents of this post and the video that spawned it.

As for the rest of you, my fellow shitlords- and a certain bespectacled shitlady above- do carry on triggering your liberal friends. It will help them develop a thicker skin and might even convince a few of them to join the WINNING! side. Lord knows, we could use them as cannon fodder, eh?

*"Honky", by the way, IS a racist term. Good thing that one can hurl any amount of racial abuse at white people and not have to worry about the consequences, amirite? Especially if you're not white, like me, eh?


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