Friday T&A: Going to Brazil Edition

There is a lot to be said in favour of Eastern European women. I am, to be sure, highly susceptible to their particular charms. It goes almost without saying that Slavic ladies exude a certain Old World charm, beauty, grace, and class that you don't really find anywhere else.

The flip side to these very positive attributes is that their price is quite staggering. Eastern European ladies tend to be bundled with a heaping helping of batshit insanity that makes them a daunting proposition on many fronts.

But there is no denying that their unique genetics, and their insistence on sticking to their own kind, has given the women of Eastern Europe a particular kind of beauty.

Looking south of the border, though, we can find examples of places where, at least as far as the women go, there might actually be some arguments in favour of multiculturalism.

One of those places is Brazil, which has a quite unusual racial admixture of native American, white European, and black African genetics. And you see the results most spectacularly in their women, who boast some of the best and most wonderfully curvy bodies anywhere on Earth.

And since we are all manly men of manliness, with an eye for epic beauty, it would be a great shame not to show appreciation for the very particular joys of Brazilian girls.

Happy Friday, boys. Crack open a beer- or, if you're so inclined, pour yourself a good caipirinha- and enjoy your weekend. As for me, I'm going to see if I can watch the fights on the undercard of the Mayweather-Macgregor match-up tomorrow, preferably with some of my sparring buddies.

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