Friday T&A: 可爱莲花 Edition

Goolag Translate tells me that the characters in the title stand for "Lovely Lotus Blossom", or an approximate equivalent thereof. And that is rather fitting, because today's heaping helping of Friday afternoon eye-candy comes to us via the Orient... at least, at some level.

I have to admit, I've always had a thing for well-proportioned Asian girls. There is something exceptionally feminine about them- and the Asiatics, i.e. Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese, tend to keep their looks better than just about any other race that I have seen other than perhaps Slavic women.

That said... despite the title of this post, there is nothing particularly "poetic" about this girl. She makes her living posting sexy photos of herself on Instagram. You all know what that means, boys.

Nonetheless, happy Friday to y'all. Crack open a cold one and enjoy the long lazy summer evening.

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  1. That's a "try hard" Asian chick. I much prefer to hard 6-7 that walks down the street, feminine, slender, and amidst the best day of her life.

    Did you get my reply sent last week?

    1. She IS a 6 or 7. fit, but that is not uncommon among asian girls. Utterly average pretty face (with good makeup), better than average breasts (Although very average among vietnamese girls) fairly young, absolutely no waist or hips to speak of (notice the careful angling of outthrust hip in every single photo to conceal this fact).

      Basically, she's a walking 7, or an 8 if she does her own photomakeup due to skizzills, but the fact that she most likely flies to dubai to play human toilet knocks an automatic point off, and if she acts as much like a camwhore as she looks, she's a 5.


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