Friday T&A: East meets West Edition

It's been a hell of a long week, for a number of personal reasons, but at long last Friday is here.

Unfortunately, this particular Friday is particularly nasty. It's like being back in the tropics in Singapore, what with the humidity cranked all the way up to 11 and the massive thunderstorms, but without the benefit of the cute Chinese girls and air conditioning everywhere.

Which of course is why the correct and proper solution to the problem is to be found in the glories of the female form.

For this week's particular expression of manly appreciation for the fairer sex, we have not one but two Instagram tarts models. The first one goes by the name of Vicki Li, apparently, and is of Asian extraction. The other is named Alana Paolucci and she could be Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, or anything in between.

But, let's be honest, nobody here particularly cares where these girls are from. We just care whether they look good in bikinis.

Happy Friday, boys.

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