Friday T&A: Desert rose Edition

Seeing as how it's kind of hot and sunny outside these days- perfect weather for beer and babes, of course- and seeing as how it's been almost three years since I was in Israel taking the trip of a lifetime, I figured it might be nice to grab a few pictures of a cute girl who hails from that part of the world and doesn't mind squeezing herself into a small bikini for the benefit of all Mankind.

So here are some pictures from the Instagram feed of a girl who goes by the name of May Davary.

I've no idea who she is, other than that she serves in the IDF (but then again, it's Israel, most girls serve in the Israeli Defence Forces at some point) and she likes taking selfies while in her day uniform. I'm sure that's some sort of violation of regulations, but hey, when she looks this good, I've no doubt that her superior officers are willing to perhaps take a lenient view.

Oh, and she really seems to like flouncing around in bikinis. And, again, who can blame her?

Can I just say, though, what a welcome change it is to see a pretty, well-proportioned Jewish girl with really lovely eyes? Walking around the streets where I work, all one tends to see are tourist girls (who aren't too bad looking) and ugly-ass land whales. I'm not sure what it is about this country, but it really does seem to bring out some of the worst habits in its women.

All of which should make us appreciate the fact that there is nothing quite like seeing a pretty, pleasant, well-mannered young woman to make the world seem bright and cheerful again.

Happy Friday, boys.

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