According to, the word "Clutch" can be defined as follows:

To me, however, CLUTCH simply refers to one of the very best rock bands that you'll ever see or hear.

To wit:

I saw these guys playing live several years ago, I think they might have been opening for the one and only MOTORHEAD (RIP Lemmy). They killed it that night.

I'm not actually a big fan of their music, though. I listen to CLUTCH occasionally because, well, they're awesome. But I'm not nearly as into them as a couple of my friends are; like, say, MASTODON, they are something of an acquired taste.

That being said... it's hard to argue with their ability to lay down some amazing grooves.


  1. "Shogun Named Marcus" is what got me into Clutch. Like you, though, it's an occasional thing that needs to be fed. Also, "Careful with that Mic".


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