A sense of perspective

One of the most common and prevalent themes within the Manosphere, or at least among its writers based in America, is the one about how America is now turning into the kind of Marxist-socialist hellhole that this country once fought.

There are plenty of writers in the Manosphere who make this argument, and they have quite a lot of very good points. Among the more outspoken and vitriolic is Relampago Furioso, who by his own account was once part of the very same media complex that poisons our minds and destroys our culture every single day.

He escaped the Matrix and is now quite happily living a minimalist lifestyle trucking around the USA six months of the year and sightseeing, partying, and banging his way through Latin America and Asia the other six.

Let me say from the outset that I agree entirely with the viewpoint that he and others like him put forth.

As he and others have, correctly, pointed out, America is becoming less free and less happy and less stable every single day. The globalist elites and the establishment shit all over this country and its people on a daily basis and expect to be thanked for it.

They rob the American people blind through taxation and inflation. They treat them like stupid herd animals, expecting them to simply consume whatever nonsense they are fed through the legacy broadcast and cable media. They rob men of their rights and freedoms at gunpoint, then laugh in our faces when we demand restitution.

They hire us to work for them as wage-slaves in cubicles under artificial lighting, chained to our desks, eating the same crappy food and doing the same redundant tasks every day. They pay us money that we use to chase stuff that doesn't really make us happy, and then insist that we go into debt so that we can buy more such "stuff", so that we stay beholden to them forever.

Oh, but it gets worse. If you are a white Christian heterosexual male in America today, you basically do not have any rights that cannot be taken away by someone else.

Your land, property, and wealth can be confiscated at will by the government under eminent-domain laws that are completely out of control.

If you even so much as approach a woman on the street with the wrong demeanour, or if she finds you "offensive" or "creepy" in any way, you are staring right down the barrel of a sexual harassment lawsuit, and the likely loss of your job, business, and future employment prospects.

If you marry a woman, then you are betting over half of your income, wealth, property, and most of your peace of mind, on an extremely dangerous tripartite contract between you, your wife, and the government. And if your wife decides that she is unhaaaaappy, she can take you to family court, divorce-rape you, rip your heart and your wallet out through your genitals, and take your own flesh-and-blood children away from you.

And if you are single and on the lookout for a good woman... well, it's slim pickings out there, at least in the big cities. If you ever want to lose all of your illusions about the abysmal depths to which the modern American woman can sink, just try hunting for random profiles of cute girls on Facebook, or fire up your preferred dating app.

You will find basically three types of woman through this process:

The fat disgusting neon-haired pierced tattooed shoggoth who thinks that she is the Lord's own gift to Mankind;

The over-the-hill career woman now in her early thirties and desperately looking for some Beta twerp to wine and dine her, hang on her every word, and pay for all of her bills for all of her irrationally stupid demands before finally putting a ring on her finger and gelding himself in the process;

And the pneumatic hottie who knows she is gorgeous, but is insecure about herself and her looks to the point where she posts an endless stream of pictures of herself in barely-there outfits and seductive poses simply so that she can get as many Facebook and Instagram "likes" as possible to validate her own existence.

If, in desperation, you take a trip abroad to Latin America or Eastern Europe or East Asia to see what life is like "out there", it is as if the scales fall from your eyes and a crushing weight is lifted from your chest. You feel like you can breathe free again.

You feel strong, confident, independent, and happy- exactly how a man should feel, every single day.

Instead of people living to work and consume, you see people working to live.

Instead of women with awful personalities and incredibly entitled attitudes and dreadful looks and unbelievably neurotic attitudes toward sex and physical affection, you find beautiful, feminine, pleasant girls who act like ladies in the streets and whores between the sheets.

It's enough to make any man who has seen these things say to himself, "f*** America and the West, I NEVER want to go back!!!"

Gentlemen, I get it. I really do. I've found myself thinking exactly the same things on many occasions.

But I also happen to be a little bit better traveled than most American men- better even than many of my fellow Manospherians.

I've lived in six different countries by now. I've lived in America for very nearly 11 years. I've lived in Asia, Europe- well, Britain- and America. I've traveled throughout South East Asia and seen a little bit of the Middle East.

So let me give you a little sense of perspective about just how good you Westerners have it relative to the rest of the world.

Yes, America is corrupt, decadent, and dying. Yes, the much-vaunted "freedoms" that are written into that sacred document sitting under a glass pane in Washington, D.C., are long gone. And yes, mainstream American culture is toxic, ugly, disgusting, and moronically stupid. (God help me, I sound like a hipster...)

But if you think that this is as bad as it could possibly get... you are sorely mistaken.

Americans complain- rightly- about the vast and growing gulf between the top 1%, or 10%, of Americans, and the rest of the country. You are enraged when you see the fat cats enriching themselves at the expense of the common man. I agree entirely with you.

But you have not seen true income inequality until you go to the Philippines or India or Colombia or Brazil and see gleaming shopping malls of glass and chromed steel, surrounded by massive slums full of desperate people sorting through garbage just to survive.

And you have not yet seen a country where it feels like 90% of the people live in poverty and want, and the richest 10% live like kings, with almost no middle class in between. Which is pretty much what things were like in Calcutta for sixty years after India won her independence from the British.

American men say- correctly- that their women are some of the worst anywhere in the world. Again, I agree. It is nearly impossible to keep one's lunch down or one's fists unclenched around the average cosmopolitan American woman, such is her vapidity and shallowness.

By comparison, the high-octane femininity and breathtaking loveliness of the women of Eastern Europe, particularly in Ukraine or Russia, is intoxicating. I can tell you from personal experience that the moment you get a taste of it, you're hooked.

Their beauty and softness is like a drug that can drive even the most masculine men out of their minds.

But that beauty and femininity comes with a staggering price, in the form of insane amounts of drama, dishonesty (or at the very least a truly astonishing ability to play fast and loose with the facts), and sky-high maintenance requirements.

If you think American women are demanding and materialistic, just wait until you try dating a Russian girl. You haven't really seen crazy until you've experienced the nearly bipolar nature of her mood swings.

I'm not saying American women are better- they quite plainly are not. It is just that foreign women are still women. The age-old concept of NAWALT still applies. Such foreign women make phenomenal girlfriends- but the moment you marry one, unless you keep her in her own culture in order to keep her grounded, you are in for trouble.

And for all that people like us rage about how feminised America's culture has become, and how degenerate both women and men have become as a result, let us stop to consider the other extreme for a moment.

If Western culture is a toxic rancid stew of feminist insanity, cultural Marxist evil, and bloody-handed government overreach, then Islamic society is its direct mirror image, and is far, far worse in many ways.

In Western nations, women treat their men abominably. In fundamentalist Islamic nations, men treat their women like little more than not particularly intelligent cattle.

Female genital mutilation is common in such countries. So is pederasty, committed against girls and boys. A woman's worth is half that of a man even if she is Muslim, and her body is not her own but is the property of her father, brother, or husband, depending on who the head of her household is at any given time.

If she brings shame or dishonour to her family in any way, even if it is just a perceived slight, her life can be forfeit.

I know American women are atrocious, but that particular alternative doesn't appeal to me, personally. I don't think it appeals to any sane Manospherian.

I could go on and on in this vein for a very long time, but the fact is that, as bad as things are here in America, they are much worse elsewhere.

To paraphrase that beautiful line from Gladiator: "I have seen much of the rest of the world. It is brutal, and cruel, and dark. America is the light!"

Why do I say this, even though I fully acknowledge and accept that this country that I love so much is gone, and the rotting, disgusting, stinking corpse that is left of it repulses me every single day that I am surrounded by its putrid, deadly embrace?

Because I have seen the spirit of America.

I have seen its soul as I drive across its countryside, showing me what it is like to live free in a country where the police, corrupt and militarised though they are, still are not quite to the point where the average policeman will simply shoot you and leave you dead in a ditch, then steal your money from you.

I have experienced the fundamental goodness and decency of its people as I have walked over the hills of Boston and journeyed past the farms and pastures of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

I have shaken the strong and noble hands of righteous men in Texas who put their faith in the Lord and their lives in His mighty hands, and who work hard every day to keep their families safe and raise strong, healthy children.

I have broken bread and shared laughter with a former coworker who gave up a high-powered position at my firm to move down south with her husband and infant son, gave birth to her daughter there, and now is blissfully happy being a housewife and a mother.

I have seen American men who have awoken, gotten to their feet, and shattered the chains that bind them, doing everything within their considerable power to use their masculinity for good, right here in America. Some of them comment right here on this blog.

Brothers, I know things are bad here. I know that this country is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave- it has not been for decades.

It is an entirely acceptable and rational course of action to simply abandon these shores and leave this country to its rot and its madness.

But it is also righteous, and just, to put in the very hard efforts required to become the best man that you can be, find the best woman that you can- from a good family, chaste, virtuous, of sweet and feminine quality, and preferably religious- and take the plunge, marry her, and raise strong and healthy children.

Yes, it is a colossal risk in this day and age. But the fact is that we are in the midst of a war. And wars need soldiers to fight and win for our side.

Turning our backs on this culture is an easy and perfectly valid way out. But our victory will come from strong men standing proud and defiant in the way of this broken, insane culture, and triumphing not because of it, but in spite of it.


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