Where's my hammer?!

Courtesy of Vox Day, I came across something that indicates that there might just be some hope for the American yoof after all:

That last line there caught my eye. Apparently some epic shitlord has actually crafted a T-shirt with that exact slogan on it.

I just had to see if it is real.

Lo and behold- it IS real!

Sadly, the campaign behind this shirt is only up for another 14 hours or so as of the time of this writing, so if you want one, order it RIGHT NOW. I've already got mine waiting for me in the mail.

If ever you wanted evidence that the hard Right is winning, there it is. We are outflanking, outmanoeuvreing, and outlasting our "friends" over on the Left. We are out-memeing them, we are out-fighting them, and eventually we will start tearing down their most cherished platforms.

Twitter is already dying from its attempts to strangle free speech- which is why we are going over to Gab instead.

Patreon and PayPal have been shutting down payment facilities for right-wing types who engage in "hate speech"- so we are turning to alternatives and will simply carry on doing business without them.

Facebook is next. While Mark Cuckerberg is not quite the left-wing twerp that his buddy Jack Dorsey of Twatter is, he's still an ideologue with next to zero understanding of real human nature:

It will be a long while before we can take a sledgehammer to FaceBorg, obviously. They are just too big right now. But that will change sooner or later- and I'm betting on "sooner".

To somewhat mangle an old quote from G. K. Chesterton, if there is one thing that we can always count on our buddies on the Left to do, it is to carry on making mistakes; it is up to us on the Right to ensure that their mistakes get corrected.

Admittedly, we have not historically done a very good job of this...:

The horror and revulsion you are feeling right now is exactly what I went through yesterday when I went to Whole Foods to pick up my weekly quota of manly meats and produce- and found myself face-to-face at the checkout counter with a huge black "woman", who was clearly a very ugly man dressed up as a lady. I could see the dude's chest hair, and yet he wanted us to believe that he was a woman. Every time that I think American culture cannot be more degenerate, that same culture runs right up to that incredibly low bar and smashes headfirst into it.

Nonetheless, we are learning. And we're triggering the ever-loving shit out of our enemies:

The one thing that the Left absolutely cannot stand is to be mocked. We refuse to take them seriously anymore- and boy, are they pissed.

So be it. Order your shirts, gents. Trigger more land whales and blue-haired harpies. Attend summer barbecues wearing shitlord apparel- or go to the gym wearing a TRUMPSLIDE! 2016 shirt like I did this week- and feel the energy coursing through you as you watch the SJWs crumble before your eyes.


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