They're back

Reader Kapios alerted me to an EXTREMELY important development just a short while ago:

That's right. The boys are BACK!!!

And their return is going to be LEGENDARY.

This is of course the season in which Richard Hammond had what the Brits, in their delightfully understated manner, call "a bit of an off". A "prang". A "cock-up". A "mild scuff", if you will.

What actually happened is that he caught air-time in a million-dollar, 1,224bhp electric-powered supercar called a Rimac Concept One, flipped it over on a hill, and barely managed to escape from it before it caught fire and melted into the Swiss mountain on which it had crashed.

All in all, he was really damned lucky:

Even so, given that I very nearly coughed up a lung from laughing while watching pretty much any episode of the first season, I cannot wait to see what these blokiest of blokey blokes have in store.

Oh, and speaking of blokes- here's a diamond-in-the-rough classic from my misspent yoof:


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